Now that you have made your reservations for Disney Trip and made your plans for days that you will actually be in Disney, its time to focus on what you need to take with you on your trip. The packing list is an essential thing when it comes to travel planning. I will be outlining the essentials you need to take with you on the trip you can always add your must takes to it 🙂

Depending on the weight limit provided by your Airline you can decide on how many bags you want to carry with you and how many people are traveling with you.

We were only allowed for 1 hand carry by the Airline for each person and any additional checked in a package meant charges of $32. As we knew that it was 7-day vacation for the three of us and vacation means loads of clothes and pictures too so we decided to pay for 1 bag of 23Kg that could be checked in. The equation was pretty simple we had to take things that are useful as we had limited space.


  • Its good to check the weather for the days you are planning to go to Disney World.
  • Most of the days its summer and you can easily flaunt all your summer outfits but mornings can be a little chilly with the wind so it’s better to keep at least one light cardigan in case you are a person who feels colder than other people… like me.
  • Don’t take too many clothes but don’t take too less either. You should have at least 7 outfits plus one extra just in case.
  • A sleeping suit to keep you comfy at night.
  • One Swimsuit in case you are planning a water park day.


Take the shoes you will need which means only comfortable shoes.

For Women:

  • Flip-flop
  • Slippers(I took my Birkenstock and trust me they were a blessing)
  • Trainers that keep your feet comfortable and allows you to walk all day.

For Men and Boys:

  • Slip-on shoes
  • Trainers
  • Flip-flop


Well, we did take our DSLR with us but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a hassle to carry it. If only I knew about the PhotoPass option I would never have taken the DSLR. You can get whole vacation unlimited digital downloads for $200 only and the best thing is they even take your shots while you are screaming on the rides that you can’t.

The pictures taken by photographers there can be solo, with family, with added animations at all best locations and you can be just care free and enjoy it. Since we didn’t take the whole vacation package as we were using our DSLR we got a package for a day for $69 f. In that, we actually park hopped and got our picture at every location and got our images.


  1. Power bank (a good power bank is important to keep your phone charged because you will be using it a lot throughout the day). They do have portable phone charging system kiosks at Disney you can have a look if you want to use that.
  2. Sunscreen: No one can deny its importance.
  3. A Water bottle: You can fill it up anywhere and you need to stay hydrated to keep going.
  4. Umbrella or ponchos: Rain in Orlando can come any time and be really overwhelming. Keeping ponchos with you can save you. Buy some from Dollar store or so.
  5. Selfie Stick in case if you are a fan of selfies.
  6. Disney Accessories and Clothing: Everyone who is there will be dressed up mostly in the Disney designed products and accessories. You can buy it in the Disney Store there however all the things are available on Amazon at affordable prices. You can order it online and take it with you rather than spending a fortune there.
  7. Backpack: To keep things in it on a daily basis while you walk around.

Another thing on your list is sorted out. These are the major things rest you can add on stuff as per your travel needs. The hair accessories, skin stuff, makeup etc will vary from person to person. So you can do it as you like.

Tomorrow’s blog will be on FastPass plus for your rides so till then bye.


P.S you can add to the list in case you know something I didn’t add.








  1. Hi Ayesha, I am an Inspired stalker/follower/apki Asshiq 🙈 I,truly enjoyed all of your tips, pictures and stories ,how beautifully you explained your journey to Disney it clears so many queries in my mind.We are planning a vacation soon with kids inshAllah and your blog ,all your Vacation content means alot really helpful.Thankyou so much keep rocking keep entertaining us😜

    Rahima ❤

    • ayeshaazeem Reply

      thanks Rahima for dropping a comment. M glad it helped if you have any more questions feel free to reach out.

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