Healthy Mind


Orange is the new black!!! “40’s is the next 30’s”!!!! “Strong is the new Pretty”!! What do you think? How do you define pretty? Well, most of us “The Millennials” have been raised with having a Barbie image and figure as criteria of beauty. In simple if you are not having a flexible body with

#Nofilter when we talk as it’s a #WorldMentalHealthDay!!! This might be up-close and personal! So, are you ready? It’s important to know that Its Ok Not To Be Ok sometime! I have gone through ups and downs in life, good and bad health and losing my really close loved ones and it has changed me

“Hey what’s wrong with you? You look really pale today !” “You have gained so much weight! Oh my God” “Aren’t you sleeping enough, your dark circles are telling a story” “You let your child eat this!! What kind of motherhood standards you have?” “Why don’t you dress up as per your figure? ” “You

One of my 2017 resolutions was to read one book every month and for the month of August, it was “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. Really loved the structure how she made 10 commandments to add more happiness to her existing life. How she pursued towards achieving it breaking into sub goals for every

Tuesday 8:45 Am I entered the gym all set for my morning workout. As the day of going “Back to school” arrived, I am sure every mom was looking forward to getting back to her own morning rituals after kids are gone. And yes I was dying to do my morning workout. So where was

Before I begin to express my opinions, I would say that these views are based on my outlook and experiences based on the life that I have seen through my lens. As a management student, we all have studied Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs having 5 stages: First, we seek the basics to survive food, water,