Our Story

When I moved to Canada years ago, finding ways to stay connected to my roots became essential. On days when I missed home, dressing up in my ethnic clothes or adding a pair of jhumkas to a western outfit brought me comfort. Creating a small corner in my house reminiscent of back home or writing in Urdu in my diary enriched my sense of identity. These small gestures helped me carry my cultural heritage amidst the diverse population here and made me feel more like myself.

This connection to my culture gave me a sense of home, even when I was far away.

I wanted to share this spark of nostalgia and cultural richness with others living in the USA and Canada. That’s how “Dhaani” – دھانی by Ayesha Azeem was born.

Dhaani is more than just a store; it’s a celebration of heritage and a reminder of home. Our unique, limited merchandise effortlessly complements diverse tastes and occasions, allowing everyone to carry a piece of their homeland into their daily lives.