Do you know that Gender Equality is the 5thgoal among 17 Sustainable Development Goals? Gender equality and Gender balance are the heavy words that are used at many developmental platforms.  But for a layman its important to understand that what that means? Let’s try to understand the term “Gender Equality and Gender-Balance” It

Are you guilty? Have you ever felt the sporadic buzzing in the leg when the phone is not even there in your pocket? Have you found yourself checking your WhatsApp every 15 seconds because the message you sent is delivered and read but not replied? You don’t remember the taste of your food but surely

Was watching a movie last week based on how people are defined by the objects they accumulate over a period of time, the objects they keep close to them throughout life, for their meaning! Sometimes it can have emotional value sometimes it can have monetary value. Is it a queer thought that when someone passes

As I started my travel today on a long bus ride early in the morning with almost 90% of the people sleeping around me as they commute for their daily financial survival while rest had their headphones on listening to music. I closed my eyes and started thinking. In the digital world of push notifications

What do you know about home? People, who choose to live overseas? That’s just not a dialogue but a question you come across several times …sometimes it’s put into words while other times it’s the behaviors that ask you this question…. because you once made a choice based on the rationale to move away from

How we all want experience added in our book of life but growing old is not desired… whereas you agree or not it comes with time and age. Because as a calendar turns a year in our lifetime …a lot of things start making sense. Take a minute to look  5 years back…. the things that mattered

My son is 10 now and tries to do everything on his own. This is when I have to empower him with the tasks he can do and make him accountable at the same time that whatever responsibility he takes, he owns it and completes it. But considering his age and how at times what