Actually, we did split the Animal Kingdom in 2 half days to get the most out of it but you can do it one complete day. The plan is made listing down all the priority activities. A little planning before can actually save you long waiting hours. Look at the park hours and see if there is a day in your plan where the Animal Kingdom has extra Magical Hours pick that day. Because people living in Disney Resorts have access to the park in Magic Hours.


  • The plan assumes that you start your day with park opening hours.
  • Taking some break in the afternoon either by going back to resort or staying there and a slow hour after lunch. We preferred to take some break after lunch as we didn’t have any toddlers with us.
  • Our son was 11 and was eligible for all the rides so we have shortlisted all important rides. But in case you have kids who might not match the height requirement you can change the plan accordingly.
  • Also, the plan skips over low priority attractions to provide more opportunity to explore what’s important.


Make advance Fastpass+ reservations for Avatar Flight of Passage or  Na’vi River JourneyKilimanjaro Safaris and Everest Expedition. Remember if you find some ride in the early morning with less wait time and you have a fastpass+ for it in the afternoon. Just do the ride in the standard line and modify the fastpass+ and use it for some other attraction.

Park plan Attractions

  1. Na’vi River Journey In case you don’t have a Fastpass+ for it. It’s better to go in the morning and do it as a first thing.
  2. Everest Expedition Book a Fastpass+ for this around 10:00 am in the morning and get it done in the morning. Asia in the Animal Kingdom is best in the morning with the best from many countries like Mongolia, Nepal, India, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Disney has created an ambiance where you can hear the clack of bamboo as the wind rattles, the musical Sitar and the temples around creates a serenity in its own.
  3. Dinosaur Attraction Its good to be visited in first two hours or last 2 hours of the day.
  4. Avatar Flight of Passage Use Fastpass+ around 12:30 pm. In case you don’t have then it’s better to do it in the morning as it will always have high waiting time. We couldn’t get a fastpass so we waited 2 hours but all the wait was worth it.
  5. Have Lunch around 1:00 pm in the streets cafes or in Rainforest Cafe so you will be done with major shaky rides before.
  6. Kilimanjaro Safaris Use the Fastpass+ around 2:30 pm. Get your cameras ready the animals can appear anytime.
  7. Finding Nemo – The Musical
  8. Kali River Rapids® Attraction Since you have used your daily fastpass+ limit and would have earned another. You need to see if you can find a fastpass+ for this one a and utilize it
  9. UP! A Great Bird Adventure
  10. Festival of the Lion King
  11. Have Dinner @Satu’li Canteen. They do have halal and vegan options if you pop in.
  12. Tree of Life It has no particular timings and starts mostly after the dusk and keeps going on. This is why you need to see the Animal Kingdom at night.

The attractions mentioned in the first half are the major ones. However, the later ones are nice too but you can always shortlist as per your family preference.






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