Ayesha Azeem

Hello, everyone!

I’m Ayesha Azeem, Your pardesi friend ….a Pakistani in Canada…a proud mother of two boys with a 12-year age gap, a full-time project manager, and a part-time content creator based in Toronto, Canada.

Alongside managing my creative journey on Instagram, I enjoy indulging in Grey’s Anatomy and participating in the #1book1month challenge that I have set for myself

Originally from Pakistan, my family and I made the move to Canada in 2017. Navigating life as an immigrant my heart resides in two places, stuck between the Espresso and Kadak Chai in my life.

I share the relatable side of Pardesi life-cooking homely meals, battling nostalgia, and the unspoken struggles of the immigrant journey. It’s a journey of sweat and tears, not an overnight success! I’m embracing each day as a #CanadianPardesi.

Let’s connect, share stories, and have heart-to-heart discussions.

Courses and Services

In 2019, when I embarked on my journey as a #southasiancontentcreator in Canada, I was unaware of Instagram’s potential for monetization. However, navigating my content creation journey has not only allowed me to produce content on my schedule but has also enabled me to pay bills and collaborate with national and international brands as a #CanadianPakistaniinfluencer, thanks to Instagram Monetization.

If you’re a content creator seeking to master work hours, achieve financial independence through brand collaborations, and understand the intricacies of Instagram monetization, my courses and coaching can guide you. Worried if your unique creativity will resonate on Instagram or if someone else is already doing it? Learn to establish your personal brand and presence on Instagram through my courses.

I firmly believe that EVERYONE deserves access to information and tools that empower them to create consistent and impactful content on Instagram. That’s why I share all that you need to learn on how to reach out to brands confidently to land Paid Campaigns.