Work-life balance or WORK-LIFE BLEND?

What do you think it is?  If you are a Millenial you would have heard this term “Work-life Blend” often.

We can all agree that Meeting & Presentations, Our Conference Calls our field visits ….our Laundry and Cooking, those parent-teacher meetings, your child’s musical or game performance are all threads that weave life.

Being a full time working mom can be tiring…. Work-life balance is a state we all want to achieve but let’s accept it work is also a huge part of our life so are our families that can not be ignored. Getting the right balance is not easy…getting the balance can also mean ignoring one or the other based on the cultural norms.

I am a huge fan of the work-life blend which means getting your priorities straight ….you should know which pieces of blocks you need to fit in your day. It also means taking commitments to your family events as seriously as those hardcore presentations. If you have a calendar for work….have calendar for the family too. And accept that there will be overlapping and you will have to make decisions based on the situation but don’t overdo one always.

Here are some tips that I would share based on my experience

  • Organize yourself….spending 30 mins on weekend to get 5 outfits ready for weekdays can give you extra 20 minutes daily in the morning that you can spend with your kids.
  • Do not start working on anything 30 mins before you plan to leave the workplace.
  • You don’t have to do all by yourself…if you can hire help for some task at home and spend that time with your family do it!!!
  • Take time out for your own self at least once in 2 weeks…just an hour to pamper yourself….empty vessels can’t fill others.
  • Make sure your personal and work computer are different so you don’t end up looking at work emails in personal time.
  • Have some time designated to switching off work phone on weekends or in the evening….nothing would stop!!! TRUST ME.
  • Don’t compromise your health at the cost of anything so in an employee or mom guilt, DON’T OVER DO or become a victim.
  • Cooking on weekends ….or half doing few ingredients can help you save time on cooking weekdays.
  • Make sure you have a “WE” time with your partner…either daily unwinding over late night tea or having a date once in 2 weeks to have time that is designated for you guys because partner before parents is what it is.






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