Raising kids in an Islamic country is different especially when it comes to religious occasions and celebrations because the festivity is in the air and you don’t explain something extra about celebrations because they are part of the family routine.

However, in a multicultural country like Canada where kids come across Christmas, Holi, Easter, and much more, it is significant that the essence of our religious celebrations needs to be created at home to keep kids connected to Islamic values.

Here are a few things you can do to involve your kids

  • Make kids do Sahoor and Iftar meals with you even if they are not fasting.
  • Make your kids pray with you even if they don’t know how to. Praying together creates a habit among kids because they do what they see.
  • Keep 20 to 30 mins for Islamic learnings (Isma ul Husna/ Prophet stories or Dua learnings) once a day after any prayer that works for you.
  • Make some special DIY décor for Ramadan  Decoration involving them (For Example Ramadan Tent, Ramadan Corner Ramadan Calendar or a Ramadan Banner)
  • Take Ramadan to your kid’s school in the shape of Ramadan goodies for his fellows(keeping in mind Food Allergies), This would create awareness and empathy among fellow kids.
  • Send Iftar boxes to your neighbors as per their dietary requirements.
  • Make them write about their Ramadan experience in a Ramadan Journal.

Here is a Journal enclosed for your kids. You can download it here and print it for your kids.

Disclaimer: The information is compiled from many free resources providing information online.


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