As much as 30’s is a fun and interesting decade; it has its own challenges. We’re experienced, hopeful and energetic with a cherry on the top that is a “little wisdom”. We’re grounded and still fancying with a dust of freedom.

“30’s Is The New 20’s”, I heard it while I was stepping into my 30’s but trust me it was not what all this was about. It wasn’t simple like “Orange Is The New Black”. It wasn’t just about being worried about the aging skin, low metabolism, increasing weight but also about monetary and professional goals at the same time directly related to my biological clock. I believe all the alpha women go through it in this decade of age.

I have been working throughout my life after I graduated and stepped out of school. The breaks in the job have been mostly for my studies or a transition from one job to another. While in these previous 10 years I have handled all my biological and professional milestones (Note: My milestones as per my philosophy simultaneously, not what others thought I should have achieved) juggling with social expectations from me in different roles to “have it all” at once. There have been days when I had to trespass my own boundaries (like work-life balance) to achieve all expected from me in my professional role as a “Manager”.

Then as a “Mother”, I had to be the one to take lead in my son’s life because it was a lifelong project on my plate and more than anything I was ACCOUNTABLE for this little man who was my heart but beating outside my body.

But as these 30’s brought a lot of variables to my mind, it also made few things simpler for me. My major takeaways from the early 30’s changed me more as compared to my first 30 years:

Gratitude for Health

I have seen people getting richer or poorer and trust me people losing health and not realizing the value of it while they have it are the poorest of all. One thing in our life we need to pay gratitude for every little second is nothing but our HEALTH. This was in my late 20’s when I lost my voice for few months and was not sure if I will be able to scream and enjoy my normal voice again, I realized how it is to be without something you are blessed with since you were born. The feeling of losing it once you have it actually triggers you what you are missing. Recently I went to register for a new doctor and trust me when I was opting for “NO” to all the major health disease questions I felt grateful for each option I selected. So, start taking care of your health earlier than you think is necessary.

Be “No Neutraliser”

People don’t mostly use you financially or physically. They use you emotionally or for your people skills. Some people are good at neutralizing people or situations when it comes to conflicts in personal or professional life. Just remember that do not give much of yourself to situations like this because this is how genuine people get used. Do not be a NEUTRALISER.

Accept People ad they are (sometimes let them be)

Some people don’t know what they are doing with their life, in their life. Just get used to it. You don’t have the responsibility of the nation to give intellect to so accept people as they are. Some people still live the best of their lives without knowing major things in life. ACCEPT IT.

Let go of “Small Talk”

There is a time when you are in a rush to know new people, to be likable by small talk you do when you have new acquaintances. Just learn not to make an effort if YOU DON’T WANT TO. Be with people you are comfortable with. Be it a new stranger you are flocking with or some old partner in crime who have survived to be with you throughout decades and didn’t give up on you. Be with YOUR People.

You can’t have “Everything”

Everything in life is a trade-off. There is an opportunity cost to every step you take. You give up one thing to get another and you can’t have it all. Accept that. Focus on what is important to you. You have lived 2/3 rd. of life as you step into this decade. If you have a good life expectancy you might have 20 more years in your pocket. So, do what you think will matter in the next 10 years.

Personal Development is the best investment

Nothing can beat your investment in your personal development. Human beings are continuously work in progress, not a finished product. So, learning is like quenching your thirst. It doesn’t have to be intellect it can be any small skill you wanted to learn. Be it music, reading, writing, painting or going back to school. LEARN NEW THINGS.

Passive Income is Essential: 

How important it is to have your assets make money for you? It is genuinely very important to have multiple streams of income and let your financial future be sustainable. But NEVER PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET.😉 Therefore, try diversifying your portfolio. Our full-time jobs only keep us the secure month to month basis. It provides financial security and we do compromise on our passions mostly to be in that financial circle. Ignite your passions and start focusing on other income streams. Small baby steps to create assets that generate income for you.

And the key to all above is “RESPECT YOURSELF”. You might look back and see all the dumb stuff you have done so far. Trust me, it’s the story of everyone around us. Use the lessons mentioned above well and you’ll find the foundation you have laid in your 30’s fuels all of your years ahead.

HAPPY 30’s 🙂



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