Epcot- “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” as the park’s name EPCOT explains that it’s a city or a community that will be the blueprint of the future and it will inspire the American industry to develop new ideas for urban living. Most of the people say that Epcot is a small park and you can do it in half of the day. Well, I disagree because you need at least one complete day because you need to see the beauty on both daylight and evening.

We used our day 2 which was a full day for Epcot so in short, the first experience of Disney Rides we had was at Epcot

I have created this one-day park plan so you can experience all major popular attractions with the prioritizing rides and low wait timings.


  • The plan assumes that you start your day with park opening hours.
  • Taking some break in the afternoon either by going back to resort or staying there and a slow hour after lunch. We preferred to take some break after lunch as we didn’t have any toddlers with us.
  • Our son was 11 and was eligible for all the rides so we have shortlisted all important rides. But in case you have kids who might not match the height requirement you can change the plan accordingly.
  • Also, the plan skips over low priority attractions to provide more opportunity to explore World Showcase which needs time.


Make advance Fastpass+ reservations for Frozen Ever After,Soarin Around the World and Spaceship Earth. Aim for the times as mentioned below. Remember if you find some ride in the early morning with less wait time and you have a fastpass+ for it in the afternoon. Just do the ride in a standard line and modify the fastpass+ and use it for some other attraction.

Park Plan -Attractions

  1. Test Track® Presented by Chevrolet: Try to do it the first thing before the wait time increases. It was an amazing experiential ride and yes, my husband managed to make the full video of the ride too so that is a memory.
  2. Soarin’ around the World(Use the Fastpass+) around 10:00 am. Don’t waste the energy in trying to capture it. Enjoy it. The video can’t capture the feel, we loved it so much that right after we did it on FastPass+ we stood in the line again. Waited 45 minutes and did it again.
  3. Mission: SPACE® Attraction (Orange) Go for the Orange Mission its more thrilling one.
  1. The Seas with Nemo & Friends® Attraction
  2. Frozen Ever AfterUse the Fast Pass 12:00 to 1:00pm.
  3. Have Lunch at Garden Grillor you can book a place where there are character meetups in case you don’t have a fastpass+ for that. The Chef actually made halal food for us amazing noodles and the chicken gravy with vegetable rice. Some people also prefer having lunch at World Showcase.
  4. Spaceship Earth(Fastpass+ at 2:00 pm) As you would have used your 3 fastpass+ by 2:00 pm you will be getting 1 more. Use it to book Character Meetupsor IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
  1. Take a break and go back to Resort if you want and do rest after 5:00 pm. Or continue with following.
  2. Character Meetups.
  3. World Showcase-China
  4. Reflections Of China
  5. World Showcase- Germany
  6. World Showcase- Italy
  7. World Showcase-The American Adventure
  8. World Showcase- Japan
  9. World Showcase-Morocco
  10. World Showcase-France
  11. Impression de France
  12. World Showcase-UK
  13. World Showcase-Canada
  14. O Canada!
  15. World Showcase-Norway
  16. World Showcase -Mexico
  17. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros
  18. Dinner at San Angel Inn.Around 7:15 pm so that you are free before the nightly fireworks at Epcot. Or have dinner at the world showcase.
  19. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

Hope the above plan was self-explanatory but in case you have more questions feel free to comment I would be happy to reply. Don’t Forget to get your pictures at the picture spot both in the day and in the night.









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