We all hear about how people grow a full-time business out of their Side Hustle. A side hustle is a love-hate thing for many people. You can love it because it’s great that you are able to grow your business without any major financial risks. You are also able to try new things and following or finding your passion. In a simpler word without being in a debt you can still pursue your passion and carry on with your day job to lean on.

You can hate it because many times people start it due to financial pressure on them arising from no opportunities to work their way up the ladder and high cost of living. Side Hustle has become such a thing that we now have more fellows with a side hustle than those with only a day job. If you have a side hustle or are thinking about starting one I can help you take it to a new level in 30 days. If you want to make it grow while also working full-time here are the top things I would like to share learning from my experience

 Go Public About Your Presence:

When it comes to sharing about our business and announcing you are out there for business, shyness is natural. BUT overcome it. How would they know that you are there for business? Many of Mepreneur Mindset’s clients have come through reference this wouldn’t have happened if the friends and family didn’t know you were in that business.

Build your Vision

Things don’t build overnight. But to reach somewhere a clear vision is required. This should include how much money to make? How many hours to work? How many targeted customers you want to serve. Trust me this might take time but it will help you put the right expectations and foundation for the future growth of your business.

 Remember every Step Counts

One step at a time will help you reach your destination. You are going to have days when you want to throw away and not to do anything. But remember every little step in the right direction matters. Think of the bigger WHY you are doing it and appreciate your accomplishments.

 Treat it like Your REAL Business

If you are serious about it treat it like real one

Get your documentation and formats ready right from the beginning.

Be consistent with your work.

Focus on delivering better than the promise.

Be clear hard work pays off.

Find time to market your own business.

Meet yourself appointments about a number of hours to work weekly.

Implement it.

Nothing would work or give results if you don’t implement those ideas. So, focus on Action.

 Don’t Make Perfect an Enemy of Good

Perfectionism can bite you hard, especially when you are working full-time and focusing on your side hustle too. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. Remember there are only 24 hours in a day, so use your time wisely.

Don’t try doing everything on your own

Running a one-man show is not easy. Prioritize tasks that make you money. Get support by learning new skills from those who know, with this growing age of technology, the sky is the limit to learn. There are many Virtual Assistants who can do work for you.


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