I am sure this is the case with all the entrepreneurs who are focused towards many other functions of the business? Why does it happen? Because for all the clients, you have a deadline but for your own stuff, you don’t have one!!!

This thinking is so disadvantageous, very wrong. Here is a thought, every account of client you earn is because of your networking effort personal or social. When you stop being active on your own accounts for marketing a number of leads coming in through these mediums slow down. And this happens to every one of us, therefore it’s essential to realize the mistake we make before we can’t turn around to make recovery.

Social media marketing & our life networking in real-time works in the same way. You have to show up and follow a plan strategically to achieve the results, if you have made a choice to grow your business on Social Media then right energy and effort are required to make it work.

Here are few tips on how to prioritize marketing for your own business online:

Follow a routine

As we work on our own terms in our business, some people get out of routine and thus there is either less energy or more overwhelmed thoughts on how to get this all done. Set a routine for your business. Mark a day for your marketing activities in your calendar on a weekly basis where you schedule posts, share valuable content, make lasting connections and reach out to your valuable customers/followers. Figure out what time your customers respond better to your posts and work around that schedule to create more engagement.

Write a cheque to yourself

Assume you were hiring a social media manager for your business, you would have to pay him or her. Write that cheque to your own self and make your efforts worth it. Because if you outsource these services this will be a continuous expense for your business.

What kind of imaginary boss are you?

There are days when on the journey of entrepreneurship, we feel down. We all have those days somewhere when everything seems like an effort against the wall. Whenever you down imagine what kind of a boss you would want right now to pick you and motivate you to go through this phase. Once you decide on the kind…. act like one and counsel yourself to overcome all this. Think of those times when you don’t work and someone else tries to replace you to seize the opportunity. Pick up yourself and compete with your older self to get the best out of you.



  1. Ali Subhan Reply

    So yes i have gone through your micro-blog, i feel its very interesting and a starting point for every entrepreneur to ponder over many aspects which you have highlighted. Few of the aspects which one can co-relate are related to the service industry where you talk about virtual presence versus your actual presence, i back that fact because it very simple “Out of mind , out of sight”. Whereas we face a lot of glitches when are addressing product based offering, multiple layers are added to it.
    Rest of the points which you have mentioned have their due importance.
    Please comment or blog on paid vs unpaid content generation, how a brand can generate a neutral response if we eliminate incentive based marketing in order to determine true worth of the brand.

    • ayeshaazeem Reply

      Thanks Ali. That’s a great suggestion will surely keep that on the list for the future. Besides that working for the marketing of a brand vs your own brand sometimes might push your own brand on the back seat. But as an entrepreneur, it’s of key significance so that’s why it’s important to prioritize your own business marketing too.

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