This is one of the common question/challenges I come across in every coaching session that I have with individuals n small business owners on Instagram as a medium to grow ………

The answer is simple PLAN. You cant be consistent if your plan is to post whenever you want and whatever you like. If you want fo grown Consistency and Planning is the key.
👍Pick up your days you want to post. Be it every day or once a week depending on ur nature of work or niche.

👍Plan your content for a month by using a content calendar.

👍Keep a separate day to write your captions n editing your photos. You can do it once every 2 weeks for the next 15 days.

👍Put a reminder alarm 10 minutes before the posting time on a particular day. I always do that rather than using 3rd party apps to schedule.

👍Post it at your posting time as per your insights.

That’s it.  It’s very easy if you have the contents n captions ready to post when the alarm rings.

P.s you can download the content calendar you can use to organize your content.

Download Content Calendar 



  1. It’s very hard to be consistent with a young child,I saw dedication eager and passion in Ayesha’s attitude. Well done ayesha love your content i always learn something from it.
    love Maliha.

    • ayeshaazeem Reply

      this made my day. nad being a mom yourself you can understand how challenging it is. Encouragement from you guys keeps me going.

  2. Hi Aysha, thank you for this calendar very helpful now I know what i was doing wrong. You put everything perfectly

  3. Fareha Zafar Reply

    Hi Ayesha, Great piece of advice. 👍🏻just a quick query since you are sharing method to ease out the content planning and save time. Is it better to post on FB through Insta in built feature? I have used it a few times but whenever I edit insta post, it gets posted as a duplicate post on FB?

    • ayeshaazeem Reply

      i usually do the same post on IG and Facebook same time. However, you have to take care editing on IG won’t Edit the Facebook post you you got to recheck it. but sometimes I especially post separately on Facebook.

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