For all those who follow me on Instagram would have seen an overload of my Disney World Stories. Trust me I only post 10 percent of what was going on 🙂

We have made many international trips before but Disney World was different. It wasn’t like you could do things at that time. Everything needed to be planned before you actually land if you really want to get the most out of it. As we booked a trip I started researching and asking for details on the travel-related groups. There was information overload some relevant and some not. Still, I tried to make an improvised list of information at hand. Now that I am back from the trip I know that few things if I knew before, would have helped me better.

So I decided to write down the details of our travel experience so that someone else who is going for the first time can get all information at one place. This will be a series of the blog covering Disney Travel planning, planning for each park attractions separately and what you need to do before arriving Disney.


Why Disney?

First time I went to Disney Land California in 1987 and my father was in the USA for his Masters. In his last semester, we(My mom and all siblings) were invited by him to visit him and he made sure we cover all main attractions in a period of 4 months. I still have miscellanies of the memories of those days.

Disney has been on my list since I grew up but I wanted to do it as a parent with my Kid. As we moved to Canada in 2017. Our USA trip was on the list for vacations, but as initially you need time to settle in a country before you start making trips again. But of all the destinations our priority was Disney World because my son was of the age where he could enjoy the ambiance and wasn’t too young or old enough for it. (Well you are never too old for Disney).

So this Fall 2018 we planned a trip to Disney World almost 3 weeks prior to our visit as we got a good all-inclusive deal that was for Canadian Citizens. Our Anniversary falls on October 31st so we wanted to celebrate it there.

What the package included?

The package deal we selected included

  • Return tickets for 3 for Toronto to Orlando(Westjet)
  • Stay at Disney All-Star Musical Resort For 7 days 6 nights.
  • Park tickets for 5 days
  • Park hopper plus(so that you can hop on between parks in one day)
  • Entry to ESPN, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Mini Golf at Swan Lake Resorts( Park hopper plus gives you entries to all these beside your 5 days park tickets)

Why Disney Resort?

No matter where you stay accommodation is a cost you can’t ignore. But staying in the Disney Resort not only adds magic to the whole travel experience but also gives you the flexibility of transportation going to every park every 20 minutes. The in resort facilities like pool and game arcade with a late hours Disney retail store gives you an option to plan activities after Park hours too.

Where to buy the package?

 We bought our package deal at RedTag. But this works for Canadians. In case you are booking from somewhere else, you can book at Disney’s official website.

As you book you will get a booking reference number for Disney that’s important and required for the future. Will tell you in detail how you have to use that number.

On most of the vacations the work stops once you have locked the dates, tickets, and accommodation but for Disney, the work starts now. 🙂

My next blog will be on what other reservations you need to make before you go.

Stay Tuned.








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