Like we are told that you should have kids consecutively so that they grow up together.

Have kids while you are young so when they grow up you can enjoy their youth too.

But is there a right time to do it? Is there a perfect age to do it?

I was just back from my Disney trip and didn’t know I was expecting. A new member of our family will be joining us this summer. I am in my 30’s and starting motherhood all over again as my elder one will be turning 12 this year.

How do I feel?

As most of those who know me know that I had my first one when I was 22. Oh yes I know it was pretty early.

Knowing the history of having a preemie and 2 miscarriages it wasn’t easy for me. I struggled with fear and anxiety about the upcoming child for initial months considering the shadows of the past. One thing that really helped me in all those scary times was staying positive and planning positively for the future.

What helped me stay active and positive during pregnancy as I didn’t have extended family support here in Canada as we have in Pakistan.

1-Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises every time I was getting anxious helped me. A friend of mine suggested this to me. So even in the middle of the night if I was having bad thoughts I would close my eyes focus on breathing and if any thought came to my mind I put in on the side knowing I can deal with it later.

2-Prenatal yoga

Workout in my life is like a routine. So I aim to do cardio and workout 4 out of 7 days and with me being pregnant I wasn’t allowed to considering the history. So once the Doctor allowed I switched to prenatal yoga routine starting from 15 minutes and taking it to 30 minutes session. I do yoga 3 days in a week. And daily steps target for myself 4 to 5k depending on the kind of day I am having. Here is the link to the prenatal yoga routine by Lara Dutta that I followed but please don’t do anything without discussing it with the doctor.

3-Energetic Snacks

Oh, I have been all the unhealthy stuff too in the pregnancy cravings like eating ice-creams(kulfis) in middle of the night when the temperature is minus outside. But whenever I was hungry like crazy hunger pangs that I could hear in my head in the morning I would eat dates. Or in the day I would eat nuts and keep them as a snack with me in the bag too when heading out.

4-Taking Naps

I am a very morning person and once I am up… I can’t sleep until the end of the day. But hormones and everything made me so sleepy at certain times of the day…so I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything. And my caffeine intake was 0 for first few months knowing that I am a person who sips black coffee more than water. I just let go of control over certain things and would take a nap whenever I can even if it’s a quick 15 minutes. It helped me deal with mood swings and resume my energy level.

5-Take Each Day as It Comes

I have learned this the hard way you should always live in the moment and focus on the baby coming soon. I wasn’t able to enjoy my first pregnancy like this so I decided to take one day at a time. If I can cook I will if I can’t due to my heightened senses it’s ok. This helped deal with the situation at hand rather than non-existent problems of overthinking. I talked more about the new one coming with my family which made me happier and prepare myself for parenting again after 12 years. It’s not like I don’t have things to worry about but Keeping the focus on happiness during this time helped me take on all the struggles that come up during this phase.

So what has kept you going in your pregnancy?


















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