Bidding farewell to year can be subjective to many people.

Some people look at it as a blessing and move on with the new year’s resolutions ahead while others want to sit and take a moment to reflect how this year was or was not as per their expectations. What went right and what went wrong?

To some, it may bring a nostalgia of all the moments that are gone and to some, it may be just a pandora of regrets.

I love to make my new year’s resolutions and keeping a track of them throughout the year. In December I like to reflect what this year has taught me in terms of life learnings. This year wasn’t as I expected but I am grateful for all the great things and new relations that came my way. So here are 18 things 2018 has taught me:

  1. There is never a perfect timing of anything nor any age. We are brought up by the benchmarks of milestones in our mind by the society and culture we grow in.
  2. Its ok to disconnect from the world and be with yourself. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is nothing but a state of mind.
  3. Those who know you would understand you even with distances in between and those who don’t wouldn’t do even with your explanations.
  4. Once you become an expatriate you are an outsider for all in your native country and an outsider for the country you live in.
  5. Sitting alone in the hospital waiting room outside operation theatre is scary but it’s scariest when you are abroad.
  6. What was “big” to you once might not be what you want today and its ok. Big can be different for the same people at a different age.
  7. Sometimes years seem shorter and days are longer. And those long days are the key to your success.
  8. Trust your gut more than anything it tells you stuff what people don’t.
  9. Consistency is the key and it pays off sooner or later, therefore, give you 100% to each day.
  10. Don’t hoard onto lipsticks buy few and use them.
  11. Being emotionally strong is the new pretty.
  12. Keep a track of those people who check on you every once in a while, besides being caught up.
  13. It’s never late to pick up on your passion you repressed once. I started painting more this year and the hobby made me explore a side of me I had closed for years.
  14. Agree to disagree because it’s totally normal.
  15. In hard times take it one day at a time, it works
  16. People might not meet your pace so give people their time.
  17. Accept compliments and criticism equally.
  18. Letting go of relations and friendships is not easy but sometimes its best because if it hurts you like a wound every day there is no point of it.


What has 2018 taught you?




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