If its Nature then it will run its cycle…good will have good and bad will yearn bad, why Bother when Karma is handling it well? Or Maybe your DNA will lead and all the corps will have corps and thieves will have generations of thieves ahead. Why Bother anyway…

If its nurture then you need to put all kids in a monitored control environment of saints or good humans and look forward to a breed of people with conscience and moral. Easiest Solution to get rid of epidemic eating our generations since years.

But Hello?  The last I checked was me falling prey to the Vultures around us…within us. In our own circle… But the question here is who raised these VULTURES?  if Nature vs Nurture theory was pretty simple.

I just heard I am the source to exploit people minds to drive them in one particular direction. Woah, I didn’t know I was messing with anyone’s life.  While I think about it… I re-assess the proficiencies that I used to master those people that I never knew I had. Or maybe people know it very well how to deploy the person’s true intentions as per their way.

Or What made me such a person to be prey for all those who think it’s RIGHT. Wasn’t I Nurtured strong enough not to be a “Prey” or Was I not equipped with the Right DNA not to give people more chances to treat them as an unforgivable piece of shit? How do these vultures get to take a piece of us every time striding on us to move up the ladder of self-motive?


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