Do you know that Gender Equality is the 5thgoal among 17 Sustainable Development Goals? Gender equality and Gender balance are the heavy words that are used at many developmental platforms. 

But for a layman its important to understand that what that means? Let’s try to understand the term “Gender Equality and Gender-Balance”

  • It means equal access to education, so girls and boys are registered at schools at a balanced ratio.
  • Women participate in workforce in equal proportion to the men.
  • The women participating in work have equal pay as men and there is no inequality in terms of wages based on gender.
  • They have same access to paid employment in the region as men have.
  • Women have access to sexual and reproductive health to make better decisions
  • Equal rights to economic resources such as land and property are vital part of the gender balance.

It seems most of that needs to be driven from the policies made by the governing authority but on the other side all above are not possible if:

  • You are not treating your daughters the same way as your son in daily routine.
  • You are not teaching your son that household responsibilities are equal responsibility of both so in future his wife doesn’t end up giving up career dreams because of house-hold.
  • You are not telling your daughter that’s it’s her choice to work or not.
  • You are not giving equal time to your sons and daughters.
  • You are not telling your son that violence on women is not a normal thing.
  • You are not telling your daughters “it’s not OK” that someone can be violent with her.

Gender Equality and Gender Balance can’t work at global level if we don’t make it work at domestic level

If you are the man of house reading it wouldn’t you want it for your daughter or wife?

If you are the woman of the house reading it would you want to give all above equally to your son and daughter?

Let’s raise our daughters to be welcomed in gender-balanced boardrooms, a gender-balanced media coverage, gender-balanced government, gender-balanced employers and let’s raise our sons who makes sure they applause and support in the audience.


Let’s build a Gender Balanced World!!! 

Better the balance, better the World!  It’s as simple as it is!!!








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  1. Fozia Awan Reply

    I have recently learned the four key areas which they take into account while writing the gender parity report. 1. Health, 2. Education, 3. Employment and 4. Political activities.
    Based on these 4 key indicators their index show how empowered women are in a particular region. Sadly when we look at our country, we can see clear disparities.

    • ayeshaazeem Reply

      it’s so true we lack at all these indicators but if you look at the progress over 25 years we certainly have made progress lets say its a long way…and we still are figuring out.

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