In our personal and professional life, it’s very common that we end up saying yes to a lot of things that come across our way and realize it later. As an entrepreneur, every “yes” means costing you your time, energy and resources.

We all know how we conveniently say

“Yes! I will work on this thing with you”

“Yes! I will speak for you at an event”

“Yes! I would love to partner with you in this new venture”

“Yes! let’s work on objectives to add a new product to this business”

Take a pause to realize that all these “YES” could be profitable for your business but if you don’t evaluate it as per your business philosophy or your business drivers there will be a problem.

But why we end up saying yes knowing we are in business to make money. Let’s look into the variables and reasons that play in our mind to make us nod our head to glittering opportunities without thinking.

1-FOMO in your Business:

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a new word that a lot of millennials keep using now a day. Fear of missing out in personal life makes you struggle hard to socialize, to make your place, to be present everywhere. FOMO in your business means you are hustling to make your business grow and you start saying yes to everything that comes your way. Contrary to it real entrepreneurs worry less about what everyone else is doing, what matters to them is missing a mark on their own goals rather than a petty competition to do what everyone else is doing. You need to give the reality check to yourself whatever you are doing might not be considered by others but your GOALS in the business is what should be having your absolute focus that brings us to a point that only fear that should be there has to fear of missing out on your “PROFITS”

2- Scantiness Mind-Set:

As an entrepreneur, we are constantly in a motion to bring the most out of the ideas we have to make them profitable for us and then when inertia is settled and we are thriving we are scared to lose the momentum. The pesky voice in your head tells you “this won’t last for long”. You get into that scantiness mindset where you think that you have to do more or you will be left with nothing. The thoughts that the good that you are having right now in business in terms of profit or your projects is scarce makes you say “YES” to everything coming your way.


Everyone can deny this but it’s a truth that we all get bored of something we started at some point in time. But there has to be a reason. If one day I wake up and I wish that day to be over then there is a serious thought that I need to give to it. Because as an entrepreneur I am free to work on my schedule, my idea with the people I like. I am not obliged to the employer’s terms and contracts and still, I dread the day means there is something that is derailing my focus. Maybe the struggle seems hard and we lose interest. We as an entrepreneur eat, sleep and shower with zillions of ideas in our mind, we want to do it all. We come across glittering opportunities bringing an urge to jump the ship and start something new, working on a new idea. If this is happening you need to ask yourself what is the reason that is swaying all your focus to other things and you are not working on the idea that once you thought was most significant. Consider your “WHY “that got you started in the first place. Thus, any opportunity not aligned with that why is not something that needs your attention.

Any idea that you want to work on has to backed up by the resources & bandwidth else you will end up working on loads of ideas not contributing to your bank account.

Therefore, next time when something incredible comes your way and you are all drooling to say yes before saying “yes” realize the reason why are you saying it.


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