If you have seen a drop in your engagement because of the change in the algorithm of Instagram then let me tell you are not alone!

You must be wondering why your feed post is getting seen by fewer people than usual unless you are getting a boost of initial engagement. Let me tell you one of the reasons is that Reels is getting the biggest space on the explore page which was for the feed posts before. If your audience not engaging with the content you are putting out their chances are you are going to get even less engagement.

Here are some of these tips to help you improve Engagement.


Before making content you have to see that the content you are creating is according to your IDEAL CLIENT/ IDEAL FOLLOWER. Make sure you are purposely posting valuable content that followers should scroll and stop to engage on your post.


Draw attention to your post through stories. Share it on your stories ask them to comment share and save it’s called calling them to action it’s a very powerful way of getting engagement. When they leave a comment go straight to comments and engage reply to each and everyone right away. It is vital if you want to have a sincere social interaction with your audience.



By looking at your story views you can know people are skipping through your stories. It may start with thousands of views on the first frame of the stories but it is kept on dropping with every frame it is because they are not getting value out of your content it’s not engaging enough.

When you come on the story think about it as a place to share why are you sharing and why would someone engage on it till the very end. Keep the Caption/ subtitles on because people skip through stories because they cannot increase the volume like if they are in a meeting, grocery store, waiting rooms, moms who are sitting next to their kids napping, and people who have hearing impaired. So it’s easy to read and engage them.

Use CLIFFHANGERS so they have to get to the last of the frame to get the answer or come tomorrow for your stories to figure out what you are hiding or teasing about.

You can use polls or little question-answer session on your stories to get to know your followers and them about you.


If you want to up your game you really need to do reels. The Instagram algorithm has a way to pay back to its new feature. It’s an up to 30-second short video you can get lots of engagement in a small video.

You have to understand what content interests your audience and create Reels content accordingly.

Applying all of these tactics will drive up your engagement rate, keep your audience attracted, and invite new followers to your account.

Good luck making the changes, and don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know how it helped!



  1. Quite useful.. Do you have something related to reels performance and dependency on hashtags. Coz I have noticed hashtags are not really powerful or driving force when it comes to reels!

    • ayeshaazeem Reply

      oh they totally are. Reels that one month old can be seen in #tags too.

    • ayeshaazeem Reply

      oh they are a game-changer always put #tags in reels

  2. Quite useful… But can you please let us know if reels and hashtags go hand in hand coz I have noticed that hashtags aren’t powerful in case of reels and many get millions of views only on getting viral without hashtag Or captions!!

    • ayeshaazeem Reply

      #tags should always be there in reels and other posts too. The reason is #tags gives you an added advantage to be seen

  3. Ayesha Sandhu Reply

    That’s the sort of thing i was urging to know… ❤️

  4. Great tips! Yes guys reels are great! They keep getting engagement even after 2-3 weeks.
    Thank you Ayesha!

  5. Mahrukh Zahir Reply

    Thanks for sharing, there is always something new to learn from you. You became my insta-google😊. I learn everything from you about insta and dont have to waste my time and energy here and there😊.

  6. I found this very useful. However, could you please let us know if reels and hashtags go hand in hand I noticed that hashtags aren’t powerful in case of reels and many get millions of views only on getting viral without hashtags or captions!

    • ayeshaazeem Reply

      Reels views have many other factors hashtags are a very tiny part of it.

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