Trying to build a business in today’s world is tough. I mean it!

Yes, there are times when your life looks like upside down as you wear zillion hats running a business. You might end up sitting and thinking if all you are doing is worth it. I feel you where you coming from and I’ve been there too.
Next time if you’re feeling defeated and low, you need to think about these four things for future


It’s important that you realize what was the Why that made you choose this path.

Think deep. What was your bigger picture? Was it the work-life balance? Was it your control over your life? Was it time with your family? Was it your love for vacation? If it was one of that. Do you still want it? Then stick to it. Keep going!

2-LESSONS Learnt

In every obstruction or fall, there is a lesson to be learned to do it better the next time. Improvement is what’s required even if you are doing good. Remember those who are doing great are thereafter learning from setbacks in their work life. There is no tomorrow without yesterdays.


Big wins are not all that matters. Start looking at all the little wins that got you here. You have come this far to go far ahead. In the rush, you might haven’t celebrated all your success all those that are worth celebrating because you have accomplished what most people have not and might not in the lifetime.

4-BIGGER Picture

Just imagine your life once you accomplish your big goals. The goal you never shared with anyone or maybe a few people but you knew where it was going and it was really big. Remember each step you take takes you closer to your bigger goals, but you won’t know what it is like if you quit now. Don’t you want to know?


There are a lot so other people trying to figure it out too. Find them. Join them. Learn from each other. Learning helps you live through.




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    Great and very helpful article for me, I’m sure it would help many.

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