It all started 8 months back. Winding up my life from a city where I spent my 32 years of life was not easy. Packing up my life in 5 cartons and 7 suitcases with a family was a weary task emotionally. A home that I spent my good and struggling years to set up the life I dreamt off was empty the day I left. Emotional mayhem of saying goodbyes to family, friends and not so friends had its own intertwining learning curve.

It’s not like It was my first time abroad to live. I had lived abroad for studies without a family which was a pretty “Big Deal”. But this time it was different. It was like some voice in my head was telling me this is “FOR GOOD” with all the people back there saying as if I am making a blunder of my lifetime. Oh, yes leaving my “Career” at its peak was another chapter overall, we will come to it on some other occasion. But I knew I had to do it for the better that was waiting for me here.

As I landed a new country I knew I had left a piece of “Me” back home not knowing of the struggles that wait for me here. I wasn’t certain how long it will take to get used to the strangers around me. Not knowing anyone in the country where few old friends were in the other city yet the warm food was waiting for me as we entered our pay per day rented an apartment at Confederation Parkway Mississauga. No …No! it wasn’t a food delivery by a restaurant but someone we know had arranged a warm homemade food for us. That’s how this cold country welcomed me through warm acquaintances. After 26 hours of travel, this was warm enough to make me believe that things will turn out good. I was grateful for the efforts someone had made to make us feel at home away from home in this new country.

I realized how I had let go of big things that once mattered to me in my life so I could cherish small things and be grateful for every tiny effort.

 It’s true “Gratitude Turns What You Have Is Enough”

My story is no different than any other story of an immigrant moving to a new country like Canada with a vision for future but how it changed me with each passing day surely is. What’s your story?




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