Are you moving from one home to another?  Here is Change of Address Checklist…. Who to Notify When You Move?

As you know we recently moved to a new home, apart from the essentials of moving that includes getting boxes, packing supplies, renting a truck or hiring professional movers one thing that is most essential is notifying people and places about your move.

It has to be done at earliest so that you don’t end up having issues like missing bills or lapse in services. If you are not sure where to start from as it can be overwhelming, here is a comprehensive checklist of Ontario specific services to contact before and after you move.

The checklist will also help to relieve some stress before you move.

The Post Office:

It’s safe to begin here, notifying post office about the change of address means that any of your mail can be forwarded to your new address. Canada post offers services for mail forwarding for 4 months or 12 months. You can check the details and pricing here. You can buy the services online and need a government issued photo identification and proof of authorization in case you are doing it on someone’s behalf. It’s better to do this at least a week before moving day or a day later so that there is no long gap when your mail forwarding can begin.

Service Ontario

It’s the law to report changes in address to provincial services. Notify Service Ontario at earliest to avoid potential penalties and delays. You can change addresses on the following documents

  • Drivers License
  • Vehicle and Land Registration
  • Health Card /OHIP
  • Ontario Photo Card if you have one.

You can do the changes online through Service Ontario or you can also do it in person at nearest Service Ontario Centre. You should change it at least 2 weeks before moving.

CRA (Canada Revenue Agency)

You can change it before or after you move. You can do it by your online account. You can also call CRA at 1-800-959- 7383. To make sure you don’t miss any important communication its important to do it at earliest.

Your Internet TV and Phone Service Providers

No matter who is your service prodder for Internet, TV, and phone, it’s important to change it at least a week before your moving date because sometimes service providers need time to schedule appointments to install services at the new address.  Sometimes your new address might not be covered by the service provider you have been dealing with that means taking services of a new company which can also take time and there might be some price changes too.

Financial Institutions

You need to do this either by going to the nearest Branch or through the online banking app of your bank. Do it for all the financial institutions and all the financial products you have.

  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Investments etc.

You should do it at least a month before or the earliest you can.

Address Change for Utilities:

  • Hydro one or any other electricity provider

You need to change the address with your electricity provider. You might have to close one account and open another one if the service providers in the area you are moving to are different. You can do it easily online or you can call customer service at 1 888 664-9376.

  • Enercare

You can change the address by signing into your online account. For signing up of new account on Enercare you can click here. If you need to close the account on the previous address you can click here. You can also call the Customer Care Centre at 1 866-449-4423. To avoid delays, it is advised to provide the information for address change at least 48 hours prior to your move out date.

You can find details on more energy providers in Ontario here.

Insurance Policies

Following insurance policies needs insurance change

  • Home
  • Auto
  • Recreational vehicle
  • Life
  • Collective, etc.

Keep in mind that address change might change the amount you are paying per month for your insurance policy. You can do it on the phone or by your online accounts if you maintain. Do it at least 2 weeks before you move.

Your Mobile Service Provider

You can change the address with your mobile service provider(Rogers, Bell, Koodo) through the online account or by calling their helpline at earliest.


It’s essential to notify your HR department about the address change. You can do it before or after the move.

Car Manufacturer and Car Dealership

In order to receive reminders and notices about your vehicle, it’s important to change your address with your Car Manufacturer or Car Dealership. You can do it online or by visiting before or after

Dentist and Medical Clinic

You can mention your address change the next time you visit your medical clinic or dentist after the move. You can mention it at reception. However in case you need to change your family doctor you can find the information here.


It’s important to let your pharmacist know about your move, the reason is so that your prescription file is moved to the new pharmacy in time. You should do it on the visit prior to moving. Some prescriptions might not be transferrable so you might need new prescriptions.

Online Buying, Subscriptions, and Streaming

If you are into online shopping then it’s important to change the address on all those websites that you frequently use. Also steaming sites like Netflix, Amazon or any other that you use needs an address change too. So, you can do it shortly after you move. In case you are subscribed to monthly boxes or quarterly boxes then you need to update the address to avoid any loss of the items.

Any reward programs

If you are part of any reward program and receive coupons for discount, like Air Miles or Sephora through mail then you need to change the address so you don’t miss out on that. You can change the address by logging into your account through phone apps.

Employment Insurance

Canada Pension Plan

Old Age Security

OSAP Loans and Bursaries

In case I missed something feel free to write to me in comments I will add.












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