Starting over again is SCARY, one of the hardest leaps to make in a life I must say. It means stepping out of your comfort zone saying bye to Security, Safety & Stability that you once earned hard to create that safe haven. It’s like letting go of everything deliberately to move on with all the plus-minus calculations in your conscious mind. The hardest of all is accepting the fear that you will be soon REPLACED in the roles that you play in others life.

My alter ego was very clear like numerous times before, I would survive this too and I did that. Just when I was riding a road to success in my fast-steered career path (as people would look up and aspire to be ME not knowing how much I invested myself in that). How much of juggling between home and work did I manage to be best in every part of the life I play? But it was ALL WORTH IT.

As we got our landing papers, we decided to move to another country to another CONTINENT. My decision was based on a series of events in the past 2 years and I knew that I had to leave for a better future. The same years I was working day and night to reach a place I deserved.  Gulping the reality that I had to start from the scratch again. My altruism for my people on the other hand but I had to think what was better for us as a family.

Therefore, I quitted from the fastest paced organization ever and let few people down by this who had better hope for my future as a leader in the same company. I had lost many friends on this journey few I lost while I was working and not there for them on the social platform and they thought my absence was my pride and ego, but I will give them benefit of doubt as not everyone can step into other person’s shoe so maybe they couldn’t either as a human being. The rest of “friends” at work as I focused on “work-life blend” had brio to quit on me as I decided to move on with my life.

When people ask me how do I feel after relinquishing on the opportunities I was about to earn soon in my professional life? I wish I could confess that it’s like building an empire and handing it over to multiple people with no one adept enough to replace you still they will REPLACE you. It’s not that effrontery my alter ego showed was always what went in my heart and mind. For several days, I had dreams of letting go of my power and pride as a leader. YES, I had my fears too. I knew no one would replace me 100 percent at work because I knew my competitive edge yet I feared being forgotten. I feared of people manipulating stuff in the absence like it happens mostly and as it did. I feared of the aperture that I would leave in the life of people I believed in.

So, I was here starting over again professionally, socially and emotionally. Knowing my potential. Having my achievements all pigeon-holed in a 3-page word document. In a country where no one knew me as back home. But my alter ego promised me the chutzpah so I started my small consultancy where I could share my expertise with people who are keen to learn, whom I could help achieve their career goals. And Mepreneur Mindset came into place. It’s a long way to go but I am on the right path I am sure.

“Because what you want exists. Don’t settle until you get it “

So, have you ever started over after being settled emotionally, professionally, socially?


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