The moment I landed in this Country with zillions of questions about where to get the perfect Weather Gear, Kosher Signs for products, List of lunch items, Trainers for driving, the must go Desi Eatery places to survive in this part of the world, “Muslim Moms of Ontario” (MMO) has been my “GO TO” person in Ontario. Not that it has a highly-populated audience but highly engaged ones too. Within the fraction of seconds after you post your questions people will respond with a solution-oriented approach. The admins have controlled the content perfectly providing the nourishing environment where freedom of speech is high without being jeopardizing by inappropriate comments that prove the quality of any good group on social media. But considering women and their nature some “Tadka” (Hot oil seasoning) are always added by few people who can’t digest the fair peace in the social group ambiance.

The group is a support system for a lot of women in the “Dayare Ghair”( Foreign Country )away from family and friends giving them a new horizon for fresh chapters in life, for business opportunities to the wide audience, to the newbies jumping into the boat of marital life straight from different countries to here, it’s a chef giving recipes to all those willing to learn, a style guru to those looking for the skills, it’s a cause based charity when the need arises and a source of entertainment to all the loner souls who takes their time to overcome the bridges of small talk breaking the ice through social media engagement by the admins and the team encouraging everyone to meet and greet through pot luck parties and events. The versatility of the group audience that entails diversity in terms of geographical origin, work professions, age, and interests gives a platform to reach out to a different world just by fingertips.

Over a period of time, I have got to know people from the team and been part of some activities in the group which gave me a chance to see it beyond the Facebook too. The team puts in a great effort dealing with the politics of the desi mindset and yet being productive enough to deliver the promises to businesses and individuals. It has become a backbone to all the members proving to be a support system for all who are away from their homeland.

Last Friday I got the chance finally to be attending the event organized by MMO called “A Night in Disguise by Bushra Maan”. As astonished as anyone else at the event at this economical priced ticked with high benchmarks of service are very few. Starting from the ambiance, entertainment, food and the worth it giveaways to the participants and not to mention the all ladies’ events with servers being women too to provide a comfortable cocoon to the hijabis so they could feel free to be as they want. Isn’t it good to be home away from home? Even if you get to meet 5 new people at such event and try keeping contact with them you won’t be a loner anymore. It was a great splurge to be in wearing masquerade and getting rewarded for the creativity. You just have to be in the right ambiance to enjoy it.

I have seen many groups emerging like mushrooms over last 6 months, with so many falling apart at the same time but MMO has not only nailed its presence through trustworthy initiatives in the community it has also stepped up and marked itself out of such category by sticking to the values and not compromising on the quality of content. Because the integrity outlies the competition without saying a word. Am sure it’s much more to all those in a community than the words can describe here.

Here is where you can visit and join

So who is your “Go To” Person in The Foreign Land? I would love to hear your comments.


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