September 18th, 2018

Yes, it’s my birthday but the mornings remain the same if it’s a working day!!! Just dropped my son to school, every time I do it it’s like leaving my heart out there to breathe outside my body! And yes, by the end of the day I actually count the minutes that when he will be back. I parked my car and my phone pinged!!!

It was an email saying

You got an e-card for FLOAT MISSISSAUGA.

Happy Birthday, Moti!

Oh, I knew who it was from. Only my friend from another continent can think of the creative ideas to surprise you and celebrate it with you even by sitting far away.

And as I called her to thank her I started searching what is Float Mississauga?

There were so many questions in my mind but at the same time, I was excited to explore it and book my session.

Let me walk you through how I explored floating:

What is Floating?

Floating is an experience where you enter a float tank (which is also called an isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank) with 800 lbs. of Epsom salts dissolved which makes a person float without any effort. The water is heated as per your body temperature. Once the water settles there comes a point where you don’t feel water anymore. The tank is light-proof, soundproof and has a neutral smell.

Why would anyone want to do it? Isn’t it lame?

Yes, the question is real? But it is one of the powerful tools for meditation, creativity and rest and recovery. The environment where there is a minimal amount of sensory information entering to your nervous system, has benefits and applications for health, personal development, spirituality, and well-being.

Floating therapy is used not only for mental health but also for chronic pain. Most of the sportsman also use this to destress their body. It’s like one therapy can have plenty of benefits like:

  • Increased immune function
  • Stress resistance
  • Visualization
  • Chronic stress relief
  • Pain management
  • Insomnia
  • Brain synchronization

The more I read the more I wanted to try.

How to book a session?

Booking is really easy that you go on the website and select book afloat. You can pick up your session as per your availability. This will take you the cart and here you can pay. Since I had the gift card so it was easier I just entered the card code.

All the reservations if needed to be changed at least should be done 24 hours prior else you will lose money.

A single float session costs you $69 plus tax. There is also a package going on where you can buy 3 sessions is $99 plus tax.

Each session is 60 minutes longer.

How was Float Mississauga?

Float Mississauga is a float spa located on Lakeshore and has a cool and welcoming ambiance for all the people. You should be there at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. The location was clean. The girl on the reception took me to the float room and guided me about it. You are required to shower before and after the float to ensure the hygiene and that no soaps or chemicals remnants are on your body.

Though I read all the FAQ’s still I asked her all the questions that I had in mind. I also requested an iPod that could play some relaxing music for an hour. She provided that. You can also connect your phone and have music of your own choice. She mentioned that closing the float from the top is also an option.

The moment she said it I laughed because now I knew what my friend meant when she asked me a week ago that “If I was claustrophobic?”

But what did I think for 60 minutes?

It took me a few minutes to settle in and after 15 minutes I couldn’t feel anything anymore. My body was light as air and floating. All I could hear was my breathing and some music in the background. My mind was really clear and I had some illusions from the past as if I was reliving those moments. I didn’t think about anything particularly but I lost track of time. Before I knew 60 minutes were over!

How was the experience?

I have had yoga meditation sessions before and some quiet sessions in a natural environment with myself. But somehow you don’t let go of control over your thoughts and senses. The float made it very easy and I was able to connect with myself. The experience helps you in letting go of everything at that moment. Non-attachment, non-judgment, and non-resistance are the learnings the float tank can teach us.

What happened after?

I could feel myself in the relaxation realm for the next 24 hours. As I got ready to leave I drank a lot of lemon water in the lounge @Float Mississauga as I was feeling thirsty. Since I didn’t use ear thingie so I could feel some salts popping in my ear for the next 24 hours as I yawned. You can use it as they provide it.

What’s my opinion on floating?

I would give this experience a 9/10 as it surely helped me in relieving the stress and have some time with my own self. A time relax and connect with your own mind and body.

In case you are a person who likes being in the water and is not scared of closed places you should try it at least once to see how you feel.

But remember that connecting with the deeper float experiences can happen on the first float for some, for others it is not uncommon to need to try floating 2-3 times before they experience that deeper connection, which means the true surrendering and letting go.

Relax, let go, surrender and simply BE!














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