Bidding farewell to year can be subjective to many people. Some people look at it as a blessing and move on with the new year’s resolutions ahead while others want to sit and take a moment to reflect how this year was or was not as per their expectations. What went right and what went

Starting over again is SCARY, one of the hardest leaps to make in a life I must say. It means stepping out of your comfort zone saying bye to Security, Safety & Stability that you once earned hard to create that safe haven. It’s like letting go of everything deliberately to move on with all

As much as 30’s is a fun and interesting decade; it has its own challenges. We’re experienced, hopeful and energetic with a cherry on the top that is a “little wisdom”. We’re grounded and still fancying with a dust of freedom. “30’s Is The New 20’s”, I heard it while I was stepping into my

How many times we feel our heart pounding against our body and in that freaking fractional moment either we lose or win. That one moment can strengthen us for the lifetime ahead or make us meager to go on with it. And I knew when I felt that one, I thought my heart would stop