In today’s age of digital marketing and social media, Instagram plays a dynamic part in marketing. You can use Instagram as a social platform to grow your business or your personal brand.
The upcoming trends on Instagram can make or break the social marketing strategy. By learning about the right tools and upcoming trends you can take the advertising for your account to the next level. To stay ahead take benefit of new features and beta tools.
Instagram trends keep changing some of the important trends to look out for are

Going live on Instagram is one of the best ways to connect with your followers in a direct, transparent, and genuine way. Since Covid19 is keeping millions of people from going anywhere and they tend to stick to their screens for stress relief these live sessions have given an advantage to people from all around the globe. Many artists, content creators, and local businesses have taken the benefit of IG Live. Considering the time spent by users on IG Instagram has increased The IG live time limit has increased up to 4 hours long and then it can be saved on IGTV.

Instagram live shopping is a new feature currently available in the US & Canada only to some brands and creators who are qualified. Customers tap to view the product and can be directed towards billing and payment all in the app. It is not known when exactly this feature is to launch in other countries. The point of having a shop tab in IG is to support businesses and let users spent most of their time inside the app. The shop tab in the new layout is exactly where the notification tab was before to capitalize on our muscle memory and increase traffic towards the shop. So, if you have a product or service to offer it’s very important to set up your shop on IG.

3) INSTAGRAM STORIES (the backbone of influencer marketing):
In the coming year, we will see more focus on stories and less on the post. It is a very popular tool it’s often used because provides a sense of transparency for the viewer. It gives a personalized touch as to how you engage and communicate with followers. Discounts sales and upcoming products can be shared on the stories for brands. Question-answer sessions, polls, open-ended questions, and links can also be shared on stories to involve your audience. There are accounts that grow by posting only on stories and once in a while on the feed. Because the story is the news feed for most of the people.

Reels are the 15-second video which is the new feature of Instagram it is said to be the rival of Tik Tok and also called Tik Tok clone. The bite-sized video content is a game-changer and is certainly among the top Instagram trends of 2021. If you are still not doing Reels, now is the time to start it.

2020 has been about educational carousel posts. Comic memes in carousel posts have also been shared a lot by people with their audience. We predict shareable and savable content is going to be more important in 2021.
An Instagram carousel is a post that consists of multiple videos and photos that can be viewed by swiping or clicking left. Up to 10 images or videos can be shared in the carousel post. It is a perfect tool for storytelling and breaks information into small reader-friendly content. You can share informative educational posts; social issues and the launching of new product designs can also be shared while using the carousel post. It is an old feature but it is still going strong and we can easily see it trending in 2021.

It is the way the company introduced unviewed content for users. Brands and profiles gain more engagement with little effort to explore the page. Instagram lately came out with a brand new Explore page, adding new topic channels, a shopping feed, Instagram Stories, and a dedicated space for IGTV. Instagram uses the information that you provide like the people you follow, engaged with, kind of posts you like and give you similar options on the explore page that you don’t previously follow.
For the brands it’s a great opportunity they have a new influx of users and it’s a great marketing tool.

As the launch of AR branded filter artists and designers have FLOODED creating their exceptional effects for Instagram stories. It is an augmented reality platform for Android and Mac that allows you to create AR effects for mobile cameras. Because of freedom of creativity, it is one of the trending features.

8) IGTV revamped:
IGTV feature has been on Instagram for some time but now it’s going to take centre stage because creators now can make money from IGTV through ads!! Creators can make money directly from IGTV; the ads are going to be 15 seconds long. It is going to start in the US and then going to expand globally. That is why we have seen so many creators making content for IGTV. It is going to come out in the next few months. It is a great time to start using this feature.

All these trends benefit in the growth and marketing of businesses and influencer so don’t forget to try and follow these trends to level-up your game.


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