There are many things to keep in mind as you come to a new land like Canada. Between all the TO Do’s there are some “DON’T DO” stuff that you need to keep in mind as a newcomer too. Or simply you can say the things that you need to beware of especially when you

Orange is the new black!!! “40’s is the next 30’s”!!!! “Strong is the new Pretty”!! What do you think? How do you define pretty? Well, most of us “The Millennials” have been raised with having a Barbie image and figure as criteria of beauty. In simple if you are not having a flexible body with

For all those who follow me on Instagram would have seen an overload of my Disney World Stories. Trust me I only post 10 percent of what was going on 🙂 We have made many international trips before but Disney World was different. It wasn’t like you could do things at that time. Everything needed

#Nofilter when we talk as it’s a #WorldMentalHealthDay!!! This might be up-close and personal! So, are you ready? It’s important to know that Its Ok Not To Be Ok sometime! I have gone through ups and downs in life, good and bad health and losing my really close loved ones and it has changed me