“How do you manage it all?”  

“Aren’t you tired of running around and yet being able to do all”?

These are the questions that I have come across several times in my life. I have been a working mom since day 1 and juggling with work and home is at my fingertips now. For all those who want to know “YES! I do get tired”. But how I keep going and make the most out of 24 hours is what I want to share with you. See its simple the # of hours in a day won’t increase even if you complain the strategy is to improvise with what you have at hand.

Start Early:

My day starts at least 90 minutes before everyone else in the house so that I get my “me time” to focus on the daily goals I want to accomplish. Prayers and gratitude are the best tools, to begin with. By making a list of my “To do’s” at that time can help me prioritize my daily battles.

Exercise Is As Essential As Breathing:

Exercising in routine is a goal that helps you achieve a better health over a longer period of time. Most of us keep it as an aim to reduce weight in life but the bigger picture is way more than just being slim. Exercising daily even for 30 minutes can help you achieve good metabolism and stamina. It’s like recharging yourself to get the best out of you.

Perfection Vs Completion:

We all get in a serious competition with our own self, trying to beat us and nailing the perfection every time we do something. But there are times when you have to make a choice between “Perfection” vs “Completion “. Don’t be too hard on yourself it’s all right to get the task done even if that is 88% up to the benchmark that you thought it should be.

Pomodoro Technique:

While doing any task I follow this technique to bring out the best in me. It’s a traditional time management technique in which you set a Pomodoro timer (usually 25 minutes) and focus on a task. After 25 minutes, you take a break of 3 to 4 minutes and the restart.4 Pomodoro intervals make one set of 2 hours including a break of 15 to 20 minutes. The idea is to increase the focus and all the disruption in between needs to be avoided.

Quality Vs Quantity:

As kids grow up their needs changes and so does your presence in their life. Accept it.  Focus on spending quality time with them rather than quantity. This would save you with some time for your own self. If you are working all day long don’t kill yourself with the guilt that you haven’t been with them for a long time. Whenever you are with them make that time “Worth it”.


Social media besides having all the benefits is like an octopus that grips us and squeezes the time that we have at hand. Because a number of distractions pleasing to our mind are a zillion. So, take the time to unplug from these devices and spend few moments with yourself to revisit your “Whys” in life.

Take Some Time off

No matter you are a working mom or a stay at home one. Take some time off once in 10 days to rejuvenate yourself. Spend it with friends, at the spa or reading a book in solitude. Do what pleases you. It’s your right to take care of you because you are the source of energy for the people around you. Make sure it’s positive.

Important vs Urgent:

There are many things take takes time off our schedule because they seem urgent and might not be important or aligned with your picture. The urgency creates that anxiety to complete it and we get distracted. Focus on the stuff that’s important and will contribute to your bigger goals and manage your day accordingly, but contrary to it doesn’t focus on everything that is important and not urgent.

Take Time To Reflect:

It’s significant that you spend the last few minutes of the day with yourself to reflect upon all your progress throughout the day. Give yourself credit if all small obstacles you overcome today. Finishing your day on a good note will not only resume the energy but will also keep you looking forward to tomorrow.

These are my hacks to get most done in 24 hours. What are yours?



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