FAQ regarding Course

This course is a self-automated course. What do you mean by this?

After you purchase this course you will be able to download the content and go through it at your own time and pace. This gives you the flexibility of usage, time, understanding of the course material at your own convenience.

If this is a self-automated course, how can we get help if we need guidance during the course? How do we approach you if we have doubts or need extra guidance?

You will have access to a private Facebook group with all the other course takers where you can post your queries to get clarification directly from me or you can always send an email to me at [email protected].

What is the price of the course?

The course is valued at $850, however, my course is priced at $110 so that everyone has access to learning the growth strategy economically.

Is the course fee inclusive of taxes?

Yes. The above-quoted fee is inclusive of all taxes.


What is the duration of the course? How long can I access it once I buy it

?Even though it is a self-automated course I would recommend you take up to 15 days maximum to complete the course.

I am based in Pakistan and I do not have a credit card or Pay pal account. Are there any other methods of payment that I can use to purchase the course?

If you are based in Pakistan, once you purchase the course, an email will be sent to you with the account details where you will be able to deposit cash. For further guidance, you can send an email to [email protected]

.I do not reside in Canada. Will I be able to do the course?

Yes, you can be based anywhere and still do the course as it is online with pre-recorded modules to help you learn at your own pace

.Is this course for business owners? Is this course for emerging bloggers and influencers?

This course is designed for those people who are failing to be consistent, having a public account, and struggling with sustainable growth. It includes business owners as well as influencers

.Are there any added benefits after enrolling for the course?

Yes. This course is an evolving course for the next four months. So, any new added modules that are added over this time period it will make this a continuous learning experience. You will also have access to LIFETIME access to the course and a private Facebook group where you can learn from monthly live sessions and get a chance to network with other group members.  

 Instagram is not that difficult to use. How can this course help someone like me

?You can learn Instagram strategies on your own by researching and implementing through trial and error method, but all this requires your valuable time which can be spent making good content and using the right strategies to grow your following.In this course, you will learn the exact step-by-step strategy on gaining followers and clients based on research so that you can focus on creating content and get actual clients.

How is Ayesha Azeem’s course better than others?

Sure, there are other learning options available out there.

However, in this course, I am sharing my learnings and methods that I have used and worked for me as a blueprint so that you can start implementing right after the course completion. The added support in terms of life-time access to the Facebook group and the evolving course for the next 4 months is designed to enhance the learning experience for you.