Do you know that you can write a letter to your future self and post it so that you receive it on a particular date at

It’s funny and crazy at the same time. I have been writing to myself for the past 2 years and schedule them mostly for the beginning of the year. It gives me a mirror reflection of what I thought would happen by the next year.

But I wish I could back and say a few things to a version of me in the early 20’s so I decided to write it maybe it will help someone in their 20’s

  1. Not everyone is going to like you so don’t suffocate yourself to be the one that other wants you to be.
  2. Life has its way of surprising you, It can be Good or Worst. So don’t think your triumph’s or your failures are going to last forever! Keep moving.
  3. Your insecurities and fears will never be completely gone but you can control them by not letting them control you.
  4. Don’t stress over petty things and issues. Stress has never been a solution to anything and it would never be.
  5. Be smart when dealing with money. Life is unpredictable.
  6. Admitting you are wrong and apologizing doesn’t mean you are weak.
  7. Happiness is a personal choice so is Gratitude. Choose them even if the world is coming to an end!
  8. Everything has a time when it comes to destiny and it wouldn’t come to you sooner or later. So wait with greater patience.
  9. What matters to you know might not be worth it in the next 5 years so don’t kill yourself trying to get it.
  10. Humans are flawed creatures. Give others the room to make mistakes but do let them run over you.
  11. Pick up your battles wisely, not everything needs your attention.
  12. Forgive but don’t forget so that you don’t fall the way you did before.
  13. Stay more at Ami’s (mom’s)place with Ami after the wedding.

Hope I knew this back then!!!





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