Months before we are even born…

There are people trying to be protective

While we are still warm in the womb

Home is “child proofed” to save us from a fall

Each milestone means multiplication of safety measures

The family, siblings wish us all the best

Making a safe surrounding called your “Safety net”

We grew, we learned and few friends we met

Adding few new loops in the net

Few claims of love came over the time

From people, you think your partners in crime

Those you trust the most to let go and fall in their arms

Ahh the sweetness of “love” that still bring the world to tears

The loops will keep accumulating over years

Few falls you will have for trusting like “blinds”

Some people who will catch you but “hit” you in due time

Some opportunist to take the pleasure of your absence of mind

Success or failures will loosen up the loops over years

The people who cared will soon disappear

One by one they will “let go” of you

The silence will gulp you and distance will increase

Some will say u bye before even being deceased

Some will fake it until u break

Yet fade out when you need them the most

The fear in your mind and heart will scare you

That maybe you won’t survive the fall

But each time you will have to pick up your pieces

Get up and mend it as you want

“Safety net” is nothing but our own self…..


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