Reels for Real Ebook

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Increase your audience, visibility, and authority by creating Reels for Real. An E-Book to Help You Master Reels For Your Content by Being “YOU”. 


  • If you have seen people making Reels and growing on IG and not sure how as a personal/ business brand you can use it in your content strategy?
  • You think Reels is not your cup of tea because it’s not what your audience expects from you.
  • Recording, Editing in Reels overwhelms you and you fail to figure out where to start from or what to do in the Reels.
  • You need daily prompts and tutorials to help you get started.
  • You want to do Reels but wondering if it is a good idea for your Niche

Then REELS FOR REAL is what you need to create content confidently and grow with IG Reels!


What to expect from the Reels for Real E-book

  1. Show up confidently creating Reels to connect with your Targeted Audience.
  2. How to craft a REELS strategy that aligns with your Content Pillars and Audience.
  3. A better understanding of Reels in Instagram Algorithm and a probability to grow by being in front of a new audience
  4. Greater visibility of your Personal and Business Brand leading to more influence and sales.
  5. How to avoid the most detrimental mistakes you are making in Reels.


What’s inside “Reels for Real” E-book?

  1. A step by step strategy based on my learnings and wins from REELS   to help you get comfortable in Reels content creation in 2 weeks.
  2. 15 Strategic prompts along with examples and tutorials to help you get started.
  3. Mastering different styles of video recording along with editing to level up your content game.
  4. Lifetime Access to the Facebook support group to create accountability among other fellows and monthly lives on IG Content.



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