Reach Out To Brands Confidently & Monetize Your IG

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USD $ 55


In this session, you will learn

  • How to approach brands for paid collaboration?
  • What to include in the media kit?
  • What are the terms to look out for when contracts are sent to you?
  • How to price your work?
  • How to Price Different Kinds of Content


Get Powerpoint + my personal Media kit + Email template to get you started! Reach out to brands confidently for collaborations.

4 reviews for Reach Out To Brands Confidently & Monetize Your IG

  1. Salwa

    This short workshop was loaded with open ended information about media kit, how to approach brands, what’s appropriate to say etc. I loved the question answer session at the end.
    Ayesha, I really thank you for being not only a kind teacher but a straight forward one. I can rely on your advise!

  2. Aysha

    Thank you so much Ayesha for the detailed and on point workshop. I absolutely loved it and it’s worth the money. Thanks for sharing your media kit and email templet with us. I managed to make my media kit yesterday and also drafted an email to send out to my fav brands to pitch 🙂.
    I would highly highly recommend this workshop to all new/old blogger/influencers who are struggling to reach out to brands. You will learn strategies, do’s and dont’s for paid collaborations, how to price yourself, filter real vs fake collab messages, and contracts. All that you want to know, you will get from this workshop ❤️

  3. Rumaisa Rasheed

    Ayesha is one amazing person Open to discuss all shortcomings with a solution, her dedication to make this platform worth learning has gone extra mile

  4. Maimoona Yawar (verified owner)

    Loved the depth of it! These are simple things but wouldnt come to your mind, unless Ayesha points it out. I have been able to score 3 deals so far (in 2 months) of doing this course and applying what I learnt! Ayesha is a great and honest teacher, and she genuinely believes in passing down her knowledge over.

    • ayeshaazeem

      wow i am so happy for you !!! cant wait for you to grow and work on things and with brands that excites you !!!

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