Creating Your Presence as A Brand on Gram

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Do You Feel Like This?

Create your brand on Instagram

If the answer to above is YES !!! YOU are at the RIGHT place.

You can stay stuck by worrying about what to post or wondering if people care about your content, or how would you make your space in this world of Instagram full of content creators or YOU CAN show up confidently and create your presence because the truth is EVERYONE has an influence and create community by adding value.

That’s why I believe that EVERYONE should have an ACCESS to the information and tools to help them create content and be consistent on Instagram.

I am sharing my step by step strategy based that helped me land 10k followers and paid partnerships with local and international brands. The Course is designed based on experience and research to help you grow your community and brand on Instagram.


Introducing you a step by step approach to

Creating Your Presence as A Brand on Gram

Learn and Implement at your own pace by getting access to modules.

Takeaways from the course

Learn Step By Step How To Connect With Your Existing Community and Grow it Organically On Gram

  •  Creating a profile that helps you convert visitors to followers
  • Learning about analytics and using them to create your Instagram Strategy
  • How to create a Sustainable Content Strategy
  • How to understand the Algorithm and Connect with your Audience
  • Create the Content that encourages engagement & converts profile visits to Followers and Connect with your existing followers
  • Learn top strategies on how to create content, provide value & influence within your Niche
  • How to spend 30 mins a day to get desired engagement rate to land Partnerships with Brands and Grow your Community
  • Burst the #tags myths and learn how to use them effectively to create strong presence
  • How to grow your community and build trust with your followers in creating your Personal / Business BRAND.
  • Master the tools & apps to help you create content confidently
  • Sell your products & services or learn to monetize your following  with an active follower base by creating strong Personal Brand.
  • Create Reels with a strategy to connect with your Audience.
  • Learn how to promote post/campaigns on Instagram to reach wider audience
  • Content ideas for ONE MONTH (Captions, Reels, Stories) to help you be consitent and get into the game.



The Instagram world is continuously evolving so is the course stays connected to learn more information and updated resources. Have access to updated modules for the LIFE TIME.

Join the private Facebook group(Lifetime Access) and connect with other members and learn from their learnings. Connect with me there to answer your questions in monthly Live Sessions.

Reviews of Some Satisfied Students

Ayesha is very wonderful person, she has been a great help in my blogging journey. Initially I was skeptical with signing up for mentoring as a new blogger, but after my 1st session with Ayesha I knew that I would actually benefit from it which I did, she discussed everything in depth & length with me and then customised my growth strategies. I’m highly impressed with Ayesha’s a in-depth knowledge of the Instagram which gave me a clear direction for my blog. Ayesha is very well connected and resourceful person in the blogging fraternity. The best things is about her peer mentoring sessions is she would follow up even after the sessions to check how you’re tracking. I really appreciate her efforts and support throughout my blogging journey
Sidra Rana
Ayesha is one of the most genuine people I came across on instagram. She is very professional and has ample knowledge, I contacted her about social media growth and she gave me some amazing tips and insights that helped my Instagram tremendously. If you are looking for social media and digital marketing advice Ayesha is your girl!”

40 reviews for Creating Your Presence as A Brand on Gram

  1. Amna T

    Ayesha! let me tell you the amount of content you have shared is really detailed. It’s well structured with so much value and no filler stuff. I have just implemented a few strategies and its working. All that you have shared is new to me because I didn’t know its so much of the work behind the scenes thank you for sharing it so honestly.

    Also having access to modules helps me going back and revise it when I want.

    • ayeshaazeem

      hey Amna m glad its helping. cant wait to see you implement it all and grow 🙂

  2. mehwish shaikh (verified owner)

    Ayesha’s course helped me so much. I was just starting my page. I had a rough idea of what to do, but her modules + videos guided me each stage. As a new mom, I loved the structure of the course. I could multi-task and go through everything. Plus, I was implementing all the steps along the way. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is starting this IG journey to enroll In this course.

    • ayeshaazeem

      Thanks, Mehwish! your growth and consistency have been tremendous!the reason is you implemented everything sides by side! I cant wait to see you monetize it.

  3. Nida Kashif

    Hey Ayesha,first of all thank you so much for such an intensive and detailed course.its something every new blogger need to know to bring their “A” game,I love how your course explained every teeny tiny detail,it helped me a lot all the strategies and all the tips,I highly recommend 🙂

    • ayeshaazeem

      Nida, i loved how you were so focused to learn everything before starting a public page! and your questions and observations shows how good you will do. cant wait for you to launch your venture.

  4. Myra hussain (verified owner)

    Hey ayesha just wanted to say I’m loving this course , it is so easy to follow and I’m under no pressure to complete it as its unlimited access
    Modules are greatly presented and you have covered it all beautifully
    Thankyou so much
    All the best
    Myra xxx

    • ayeshaazeem

      thanks Myra! I cant wait for you to complete it and implement it all. the course has a feature to do at your own pace still I say its good to complete in 15 days n implement it all. and having access to modules you can always go back n revise.

  5. SAMIA SIDDIQUI (verified owner)

    I had an Instagram page for the longest time but I got caught in the whirlwind of numbers. Finally decided to do it again and Ayesha’s course “Creating your presence on the gram” couldn’t have come at a better time. There are so many things that you learn as you keep on completing the modules that can help you up your game on Instagram. You can keep on applying them as you go through them and will see a change in your strategy

    One thing we have to keep in mind there is no overnight success, it’s a process and this course will help you achieve your goals. You can never stop learning and Ayesha has been there helping you throughout- she encourages you, answers your queries and supports you throughout . Not to mention you get a great group of ladies who will also help you support your goals. It’s a win-win situation.

    It’s never to late to pursue your dreams and this course will help you achieve them.

  6. Nabeela Saeed

    Thank you! Ayesha for creating this intensive course, it’s easy to follow and love the way use I have started to implement ideas from course and happy with the outcome. InshaAllah slowly I will be able to grow… ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Sneha Bhatia

    This is one of the best courses out there!!! Ayesha has not only covered all topics in detail, she will be there to help you at every step of the way! My Instagram game really changed after doing her course and also helped me reach my milestone of 30K followers when I applied her strategies! I would highly recommend this course to all who are looking to grow their platform whether you are a business or an influencer. More power to you Ayesha!

  8. Areej

    Hi Ayesha,Im from Pakistan,hope your doing good! your course is very helpful, l was apprehensive at first but everything was so easy the payment process especially! I learned so much from this course!I didn’t know insights n numbers have to play so much role ! Thanks to you I am doing so well now !

  9. Amna Razzaq

    I just finished your brand on a gram course and I am super impressed/happy and actually learned tons of new things. I am a techy person and a course junkie too and believe me you teach way better than some thousand dollar courses, no rambling, to the point. You didn’t waste anytime, the course is divided into short videos so its easier to go back to it and re-learn particular topics like shoutouts or hashtags. Your course is worth way more than you are charging for it. I hope you make more courses about other platforms too. Thank you so much!

  10. Sahar

    A note of gratitude!

    I would like extend my gratitude to you Ayesha for creating this course, my Instagram presence was so lost in the plethora of profiles on the gram. Since I began this course I have found my footing and I am more than confident in sharing my skills, my expertise and my purpose with the world. This entire course is beautifully structured and the strategies are simple, doable and effective.
    The best thing of this course is the community of such supportive and abundant creative people who are always ready to share and grow with each other.

    I have found a home on the gram and I am glad that I made this decision to become a part of this course.

    Much love

  11. Sonia Adnan (verified owner)

    Ayesha has poured her heart and soul into this course. I have used Instagram for over a decade but the nuances of engagement and algorithm were always a blur to me. Ayesha has done such a great job with explaining them. She also focuses on real and organic content production and projection and that spoke to me a lot. The videos are short and completely fit lifestyle and availability. Of course nothing is immediately gratifying in life but some things from this course worked immediately. Thank you Ayesha for being so helpful and authentic yourself.

  12. Syed Jafri (verified owner)

    To be honest I was not sure what to expect when I started the course, but I was quite impressed with the entire process. This course covers mostly everything that you need to know in order to get a grip over Instagram , if at this point a questions comes to your mind that you can learn everything by watching millions of tutorials on you tube why pay for it ?
    so 3 things to clear it up
    1. This course contains step by step guide to what you should know about insta that relevant so you don’t have to waste your time scrolling through internet for irrelevant stuff.
    2. A support group that you get where you connect with other course fellows and kick start your insta journey.
    3. You get Ayesha 🙂 hehe I meant her before and after course support is amazing , she would go above and beyond to see you succeed.
    so yes my peeps if you are reading this review it means you are thinking too much … this is the right place for you !

  13. Samira ghani

    I really enjoyed doing this course and I learned so much from it. I was new to the Instagram world and it helped me understand how to go about building my brand. I highly recommend it

  14. Mehak – Lazymomzie

    Took this course with ayesha and i think it was the best decision. It helped me recognize the mistakes i was making which was interfering with my growth. Learnt how to be consistent with the content and the biggest plus point is she is always there to help you and give tips as required.

    If you are really looking to grow in this insta world , thn you should definitely take a course with her.

  15. Megha

    Ayesha is a magician when it comes to Instagram. She has so many tips and tricks up her sleeve, that will surely scale up your Instagram game! Looking forward to more such amazing courses. All the very best, Ayesha!

  16. Salwa

    Thank you Ayesha for sharing your knowledge! It has been a privilege to learn from you. I am really glad that I invested in your course, not only got the opportunity to learn from you but it also became a platform with many tiny details/resources under one concise roof! Furthermore, I like the ongoing honest friendship we have formed along the way. Thanks.

  17. Sumera @foodplusthought

    Thank you Ayesha for creating this course, it taught me so much. This in depth course gave me insights to things which I would normally wouldn’t get, you are always there to help us through any problem we may face. I am so glad I took this course, can’t wait to apply all you taught us 🙂

  18. Shaza – @cuppacuddles (verified owner)

    I took this course on a whim and wasn’t sure what I would gain from it. After completing the course, I can honestly say that the information I learnt is invaluable. Ayesha has done a great job in creating short and informative modules that provide amazing resources at your fingertips. What I loved the most:

    1. The modules are short and labelled so it’s easy to go back to relearn specific topics
    2. Ayesha breaks down everything in small, manageable goals so it’s easier to structure your day instead of mindlessly scrolling and getting sucked into Instagram.
    3. She checks in and prompts everyone to encourage us to keep going.

    I am so glad I took this course and would definitely recommend it. Thanks Ayesha!!

  19. Amna @cupcakes_more_by_amna

    This course has helped me so much throughout my journey of learning as well as building my own presence on Instagram. It is very detailed and well structured.
    I am going through the entire course content the second time, and every time I go through a module , I am able to understand the concepts and am able to implement them more.
    I am really glad I took this course!!! Thank you Ayesha for being the best guide and support for us !!

  20. Maryam

    Thank you so much Ayesha for creating this amazing course! I learned heaps of information which is absolutely worth it. I learned how the Instagram algorithm works and along with the course we have Ayesha’s support all the time! She wants everyone to grow who’s taking her course. The way she explained everything is phenomenal and so easy to understand. I love how every module is labelled and Ayesha keeps checking on everyone if they’re implementing the strategy which is so nice of her. I’d highly recommend this course. And I want to thank Ayesha for being so genuine and being supportive throughout.

  21. Sidra Kahlon (verified owner)


    I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across Ayesha’s feed and was super impressed with her knowledge so decided to splurge on this coaching course taught by her. I have to admit I was not disappointed at all. My understanding of Instagram and how to use it to my benefit (monetize it) has increased greatly with the help of this course. She provides step by step guidance on how to use each and every feature of IG and how to maximize what we achieve out of these features. I have personally been utilizing some of her strategies and have witnessed tremendous growth over past few weeks. I like the fact that I could go through the program at my own pace. Rewatch the material and implement it at my own pace. I will totally recommend this coaching course.

  22. Aniqa K (verified owner)

    I fully believe in learning to help upskill, and become an expert in a field you wish to grown in. I didn’t, however, think I needed to also apply this to my social media accounts and assumed that friends and family would obviously share what was posted and it would be easy to grow.

    Luckily I came across Ayesha’s course just as I created my Instagram page and I am so glad that I did! Her course gave me the education and understanding I needed to treat this as any other professional career, and think things through properly to ensure that the right message was going out and reaching like minded people.

    Each video is so detailed, and supporting activities really help refining your understanding.

    On top of this she is always answering Q’s on the Facebook group she’s set up, and through email and her Instagram DMs.

    Finally, as I reduced down to part time work this year, I knew investing in myself would have to be carefully considered. However, pricing for her courses and booklets etc are so reasonable that I didn’t have to think twice about registering.

    Thank you Ayesha for all your help and support 💖

  23. Memoona Mazhar (verified owner)

    Dear Ayesha,
    Honestly I don’t even know where to begin! This course is just magic! I always wanted to learn the ins and outs to IG but I could never find a course or anything of the sorts that walk you through it step by step. Until I took this course of yours! You literally took my hand and walked me through EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of IG! I am so glad that I took the chance on myself and took this course! I cannot thank you enough! Thank your for creating this course for people like me who want to grow on Instagram but have no idea what or how to do it and you made it super easy! THANK you so much!!!

  24. Hina Sohail

    Thank you Ayesha for making this course available for us. I learnt a lot through it. I wish this was available in March 2020 when I started my Instagram blog. I’ve applied a lot of strategies and many of them worked out for me. I would definitely recommend this course especially for those who want to start their Instagram blog.

  25. Anum Adil

    I would highly recommend this course to those who are planning to make their Instagram page or already started but does not have any idea about running their page successfully. This course is all about step by step creating your presence on Instagram as a brand. As I have started this course with 2k plus followers but still many things were not clear to me. I would also like to say thanks Ayesha Azeem for taking this initiative to introduce such courses which are really beneficial for people who want to be successful on such platform.

  26. Unna irfan

    Ayesha is an inspiration to me in so many ways. I always admired her charismatic personality and have been following her on Instagram for a long time now.
    Her knowledge, content, expertise, and devotion to her work is extraordinary.
    when she started coaching. I decided not to miss this great opportunity.
    Of course, as expected, she was super impressed with her coaching skills as well.
    She helped me with my strategy building, defining my goals, and assisted me to do everything in the right way.
    Her content is very useful and well elaborated.
    She always goes the extra mile whenever you need her assistance.
    Keep shining and thanks for everything you do always❤️

  27. Synara Yusoof

    I had followed ayesha’s progress and really impressed with how she grew her presence in a short time.
    After her course released I definitely wanted to try it. Her course is organized and very structured especially for small business owners and new bloggers trying to grow their presence.
    Her course provides useful tools and content. Definitely a must try.
    She is also always available to coach and guide whenever you need assistance.
    For people still contemplating its a no brainer.

  28. Melissa Dhillon

    I found Ayesha while scrolling through Instagram, trying to figure out how to effectively use it. I started following her and realized that she has great tips and tricks that she openly shares with her community.
    I signed up for her course because I felt a connection with her, and because I felt she gave the best possible information drama free.
    She worked with me to help me figure out what my ‘WHY’ was, how I could effectively present myself on Instagram, what my strengths were and how to work on things I was not confident about.
    Working with Ayesha has been the best experience of my life because she guided me and helped me when I was clueless. But she also helped me become more confident and find my voice on the gram.
    I love her openness and the fact that no question is stupid. She will help no matter what.

  29. Quratul ain Saba

    Ayesha was few of those accounts I followed when I came to Instagram .I was Blogging on Facebook from quite a long time but instagram was different.what I liked about her is her originality and that was the thing made me join her course.
    There was so much to learn to handle the Insta well & I needed that.Even before the course whenever I asked a question she showed up and respond very nicely .I learnt so much & found it very helpful.She put so much efforts in terms of engaging all of us,having live sessions ,initiating the story hops and reel prompts and it all helps a lot. I still discuss the things with her whenever I need insta related suggestions and like how nice and humble she is. Love and duas for you Ayesha 💕

  30. Afsah Faizan

    I’ll 100% recommend this course to anyone who is new on Instagram and want to build their page and a brand of their own! I got to know Ayesha when I was exploring Instagram bloggers community as a new blogger! I came through her account and she seems very helpful in guiding how to grow on Instagram! At that time I really wanted to learn how engagement works how to be part of this bloggers community and I think Ayesha’s course covers it all in detail! I was literally amazed to see how insightful her course is actually! These strategies going to help you definitely but in the end it’s all about the quality of your content I must say! and you’ll be needing all the information, insights and strategies in this course which will help you grow for sure! Ayesha you are very professional how you deal with people and guide them throughout, it’s not just when you are doing a course her follow up with her clients shows how responsible she is and the ownership and dedication towards her work! Thank you Ayesha for taking up this initiative and good luck to everyone!

  31. Anum Usman (verified owner)

    This course has been a ladder for me. Before I took this course i did alot of research for all things Instagram but everytime I came across a course it was way out of my budget. The amount of information that Ayesha is providing in this course is definitely worth more than what she is Charging. Ive seen a visible difference in terms of growth on my page. There is so much to learn if you’re someone like me trying to grow your name in this pool of Instagram. I waited till the 3rd time she opened her course to take it but I’d advice not to wait and just take it if you wish to see results sooner.

  32. shades.of.momming (verified owner)

    Ayesha’s course is simple and so well structured. It breaks down the IG ‘science’ in doable steps with manageable goals and guidelines.
    But above all of that is Ayesha herself. She is not just a coach but truly a mentor. She steps in as an accountability partner and nudges you to stay on track …… she gives non-judgmental suggestions and ALWAYS comes up with a some sort of workable solution. Despite being hesitant, I’m so so glad I did her course – it has given me a clearer direction of what im looking for in terms of my presence on IG, and also the motivation to keep going because everything you and I have to say will have value for someone…anyone!

  33. Qurat waseem

    Ayesha is an amazing girl MA…her course helped me alot in knowing Insta and its algorithm in a better way.She was super helpful and was easily available any time I had to ask her something…..even before I took her course,she was always there to reply my queries ….her prices for courses are very doable and she offers so much more than she charges …so its totally worth it….
    Though she shares alot of knowledgable stuff in her reels and posts but still there was so much more in her course which I didn’t know and there wasn’t one thing that was repeated in her course which really amazed me……Im totally satisfied and wish her more luck and success for future!!!

  34. Laiba (verified owner)

    One of the best persons I have met through this platform. I am so glad that I took this course. Ayesha’s course is a complete package where one can learn through videos and step by step modules where she explained everything so well that anyone who wants to learn about Instagram strategy and algorithm should definitely buy the course.
    It gave me a complete understanding about the Instagram, how to plan content and how to make my presence by using all the features. All I need now is to implement the course.
    I highly recommend this course if you want to upgrade your business on Instagram.
    Sign up for this course and be in touch with the most incredible and helpful person.

  35. Mahwish Ali (verified owner)

    This review has been long over due. I started my public Instagram page with no clue about the effort it required. I stumbled upon Ayesha’s account and her videos, reels on growing your Instagram were my go to resources. Her account provides ample of information if you want to get started on building your platform. However, if you want to take it up a notch, i would highly recommend purchasing the course. It is totally worth all your money and to top it all, you get to know Ayesha and her amazing personality. I don’t know how she manages to answer all queries thrown her way and that too timely. Apart from what course has to offer, you will find an amazing support and guidance to set and achieve your goals.

    You’ll get access to a support group that challenges and is available to answer all your queries. Good luck with your Journey !

  36. Hina

    Firstly, Ayesha is a gem of a person and that makes her a great mentor. She is approachable, warm and genuine. You will never feel intimidated or uncomfortable. She follows up and pushes you in the most positive and respectful manner to get you out of your comfort zone but at your own pace. Of course her expertise and knowledge is invaluable but I truly took this course because how I felt when communicating with her prior to enrolling.

    As for the course, Ayesha has done a wonderful job to curate the course for anyone and everyone. It is affordable and well-structured. The modules are short but comprehensive; easy to fit in our busy lifestyle. The strategies are broken down so they’re easy to implement and manage. Like with everything results are directly proportional to the effort you put in but with this course under your belt and Ayesha’s ongoing support you’ll be set to grow your instagram organically and confidently.

  37. Amna Hafeez (verified owner)

    Ayesha is just an amazing person and easy to talk to. A friend told me about Ayesha’s courses few months back. I reached out to her and explained what I wanted to do and what I was looking her. I signed up for the signature course and it had complete IG growth details in it. It also includes one month free content to start with.
    I would highly recommend the course! And you will get Ayesha’s ongoing support as well! Isn’t that great 🤩

  38. Zoya

    Absolutely loved the course learned so much from it.. 100% recommended.. you won’t regret!
    Love her availability for any queries..
    Thank you so much ayesha.. keep growing♥️

  39. Sehar masood (verified owner)

    Ayesha is a wonderful person and easy to approach. This course is well structured and she explains things in much simpler way. This course gave me kick start to content creation. I have been using her strategies and I can totally see the change in my insta engagement. Totally worth the price and highly recommended

  40. Anumta Iftikhar @freshfromscratch

    Ayesha is a great coach. She has designed the course in a very organized and structured manner. Everything is in detail and easy to understand. The best thing about Ayesha is that she is very helpful. She would help and answer all the questions very patiently. She is like very smart and love her tips!! I would highly recommend this course to understand the tricky things about Instagram.

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