1 on 1 Coaching

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USD $ 240

Courses are for everyone but some people might need one on one coaching to have customized strategy sessions

LET ME GUIDE YOU in One on One Session

Strategy Session + Audit

60- 80 minute one on one coaching strategy session starting at $220

You’ll learn how to organize your entire Instagram marketing process strategically in one on one coaching session. discussion on following customized as per ur account niche
  • How to determine your specific Instagram goals & measure your success
  • Time-saving tips for creating & curating content so you’ll always have something awesome to post!
  • How to plan & schedule your Instagram content each week in 30 minutes (or less!)
  • How to analyze your weekly & monthly data so you’ll always know what to do next
  • Plus more Instagram tips & tricks to grow organically!
  • Q&A session to address your challenges and to brainstorm ideas
  • Personalized tips and advice for future strategy
  • Access to tools and apps to get started with creative content


Access to Mentorship – Feel Free To Contact Me if any query as I would love to help you grow in the right direction.

Book your sessions as per your convenience of date and time in your time zone!


11 reviews for 1 on 1 Coaching

  1. Aysha

    Thank you for ur valuable time and helping me out to understand how Insta works. I am working on my content with all the advice you gave. I am so happy to have session booked with you. Lots of love ❤️

  2. Nazia

    I’m glad I booked my sessions with Ayesha. She thoroughly explained all the aspects in detail. She took the time to answer all my queries and guided me to get more exposure. Thank you so much.

    • ayeshaazeem

      happy growing Nazia!!! i can see you have been regular in implementing every strategy we discussed.

  3. Zehra

    My 1-1 coaching session with Ayesha was the best decision I made since embarking upon on Insta journey. She was patient, explained everything in great detail and answered all my questions. The sessions were informative and I highly recommend anyone to take this time with Ayesha. She is a pandoras box of knowledge and is able to help you grow on IG!

    • ayeshaazeem

      Thanks Zehra. i am glad to see you growing as you implement all that you learnt.

  4. Rafia Shafiq

    I am so glad I got 1 on 1 coaching session with the super talented Ayesha. Prior to the session, I had a list of questions ready for her and she was extremely patient and helpful. Ayesha guided me on how to use hashtags, best time to post and information about insights. I was never comfortable uploading my face on posts or appearing on stories, it’s because of her constant persuading I made the decision to do so. I would highly recommend small businesses to opt for her coaching. Since my session with her, my page has grown organically and I see some direction to it. Thank you so much Ayesha for always being there and showing immense support.

    • ayeshaazeem

      Thanks, Rafia for letting me help you, for trusting me to coach you in the direction. I have seen you implementing your takeaways from our sessions and growth is all because of you being consistent.

  5. Sharmeen Zappia

    Ayesha is a great coach! I am so glad that I chose her to guide me through the learning curve. She educated me on the right use of hashtags, timings to post, checking insights, fixing my Bio to make my IG page look more marketable. Understanding and mastering these elements is extremely important.
    Ayesha shares her valuable experience and insight to help you grow organically.
    The one thing that I absolutely love about Ayesha is she is very forthcoming! She never holds back information that most are unwilling to share. If you are a business or a blogger trying to grow I highly recommend a session with Ayesha I guarantee you will take something very valuable home.
    Thank you Ayesha for your unconditional support, your guidance and most of all your friendship!

    • ayeshaazeem

      Sharmeen m glad you find the session valuable. I believe in continuous learning and hence, therefore, m here to help always!! happy Growth

  6. Amina

    Ayesha is amazing at what she does. I’m so glad I ran into her and then decided to take her coaching session to guide me through my instagram journey. She taught me so many things that seemed simple but made a huge impact. I definitely recommend her sessions to anyone embarking on their instagram journey as its totally worth the price because you get so much more than just sessions. What I love the most about her is that even after the sessions are done she is always there. You can message her with any questions that you may have and she always replies back. Thank you, Ayesha once again!

  7. Sonia

    Ayesha has been super helpful in my small journey of blogging so far. Her guidance and tips on how to grow organically has been a great addition to my insta knowledge. She keeps sharing tips on different aspects of blogging, which are quite useful for budding bloggers.

  8. Narmeen Ibrahim

    I booked Ayesha’s one on one session for my clothing business . Had a great great time and got to learn alot of things , the hashtag strategy was the best. She is professional and cares alot about her clients .. I am free to reach out to her even now and she is always very helpful , she keeps taking feedback and looks out for my business on and off . Ayesha is just the best . I am glad I signed up for her services

    • ayeshaazeem

      thanks Narmeen what’s best is you being consistent and taking charge of every aspect of your business.

  9. Sanam. Arsalan

    i booked ayesha’s 1 on 1 session and she is a sweetheart explained everything so effortlessly to me and it actually helped me alott ..
    Even after the session i have asked many questions from her through dms and she has always replied me and helped me in everything
    If you’re looking for complete instagram knowledge then ayesha is the person for you

    • ayeshaazeem

      Sanam I am glad you found the strategy session useful!!! Hope to see you implement all we discussed in the sessions. I cant wait to see you growing more!!!

    • ayeshaazeem

      Sanam ! you trusting me to guide you makes all the difference!cant wait to see you sign up with brands and campaigns.

  10. Biya

    I did 2 sessions with Ayesha and she was nothing but kind, understanding and friendly. She explained everything in detail and really guided me towards organic growth and following her tips I am seeing a great result in my engagement and even growth overall. My interaction with Ayesha didn’t end there, she continues to give me tips and tricks as she views my profile. Best money I ever spent, she’s more of a mentor now as opposed to just consultant.

    • ayeshaazeem

      Thanks Biya. your hardwork and you showing up everyday makes all the difference

  11. Arooj Fatima

    Despite being a digital marketing specialist by profession, I contacted Ayesha for this session. Turns out digital marketing for organizations vs content creator / influencer marketing is quite different. I learned a lot about hashtags and batch content planning. We brainstormed about how I can approach for collaborations. Ayesha is overall friendly, casual and easy to talk to. Thanks for adding to my knowledge. More power to you!

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