“Don’t be so emotional…. Stop being a girl”.

“You got to hold it strong don’t be emotional!!!”

“What are you an emotional teenager?”

“Weird & emotional as always …yeah that’s you”

“When will you think rational and not being emotional!”


I bet everyone has heard these once or more in their lives. Whenever I hear one of these …the voices in my head says: “Next time you act emotionally…we will give you a slap”.


But what is wrong in being emotional by saying what you feel to whom you feel for. At the beginning of any relationship, it’s the emotions that take a lead in our head and we fall for someone. It’s the emotions that decide who is a friend or a foe. Yes, we being girls think of one scenario in zillion different ways to come up with the best answer to the ambiguities in our heads created by “Men from Mars”. However contrary to this a guy never gives a second thought to one damn scenario gone past weeks. Huh, the story of our lives as they say “Men go to their caves while women talk “.


That emotional soft side of you that grabs the attention in the initial days and soothes them, later on, is a baggage to deal with. How easy it gets to disconnect from the connection that had a multiplier effect of strength with each microsecond spent together. And at times it’s like you are talking and another person isn’t receiving the transmission of messages because somehow you are talking out of his “emotional zip code” that once matched yours…!

What a food for thought that all these emotions lead us to nowhere but being a wanderer. And just when you think it’s the end your emotional code collides with someone else and it starts again…. until you are speaking out of that emotional zip code to them.




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