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Social media for small businesses shouldn’t be a struggle or need to take 80 percent of your time.


Learn how to build your Business Brand on Instagram and turn followers into paying customers with the A SMALL BUSINESS INSTAGRAM KIT


  1. An E-Book explaining a 16-day step-by-step work plan detailing how to build your business on Instagram and turn followers into paying customers.
  2. 15 customized CANVA templates(Mock-ups and Educational Carousel Templates) for your business that will help you do it all on your own (in less time) and make your content stop the scroll and grow your engagement.
  3. One month of content is done for you to help you gain confidence and show up every day.
  4. Lifetime Access to private the Facebook group community where you connect with other members and learn from their learnings. Connect with me there to answer your questions in monthly Live Sessions.

 One Month Content Includes

  1. 25 Caption templates under different content pillars that can be customized as per your requirements.
  2. 20 Story prompts to help you connect with your followers.
  3. 15 Reels ideas with examples to help you create bite-size content confidently.

The content is designed for you that you can customize as per your niche/industry connect with your community and grow it side by side.