How we all want experience added in our book of life but growing old is not desired… whereas you agree or not it comes with time and age. Because as a calendar turns a year in our lifetime …a lot of things start making sense. Take a minute to look  5 years back…. the things that mattered to you THEN do they matter to you Now?

How we all want the people in life to stick around for good when forever can come to an end in a Second. Look at the fraction of people who are with u still over years gone.

How queer that sometimes it’s easier to talk to strangers than to the closed ones because they moved to a non-disclosure stranger zone? Don’t tell me you don’t have any of those friends in stranger zone?

How you need money to have a quality life…. whereas the parameters of quality life are not complete without life remembering experiences which are beyond it……?

How we need to experience death to celebrate life…. Because we become part of the crowd in the monotonous routine to even feel that we are alive?

How we hoard on to things we don’t use but let go off loved ones easily?

How can memories wire your mind into illusions and reality can unwire you emotionally making u indifferent to stuff?

How sometimes are big steps towards people you take erased by your unconscious moves of time?

How may the sunset be a sad time for one but a pleasant evening for the other…?

How can some small talk to you be an effort to pry into someone else?

How for the world your skin color may define you…? but then it’s also YOU are beyond this?

How do we believe in everything we read and close the heart to all we feel to make belief of what we don’t want to feel?

How easily difficult it is to peep into your heart to answer all those questions!


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