I closed my eyes and started thinking. In the digital world of push notifications with a constant bombardment of advertisements of your preference from cross website data, we breathe in and out…..while the websites breach into our mental and personal space without us even knowing.

Caved in the walls we create around us, we think we never let anyone cross the bay to hurt us the same way as they did last time. Ambushed between the myth of boundaries and trespassing we grow up as a person passing through zeniths that change us from which we were at once.

However, as a consumer in the digital space, we don’t even realize how we give in to all these long security agreements from the social apps while we strive in our lives to guard us by the invisible walls we create around us.

The bus door opened for the new passengers and they brought with them a freezing breeze and some new colognes in the air. I opened my eyes for a sec and closed them again to reconnect to the same compartment of thoughts in my mind.

To increase our productivity, we all learn the art of compartmentalization at work, where we can easily shut off one window in the workstation while we work and focus on the current window only. In our hard disc of mind, we do the same, to survive we shut down a thought and project all our energies on the other …regressing the orphic thought that might have been once the center of attention to us.

Gushing the energies to the present while we time travel into the past as a bee in the hive to gain our strengths from all those times that we fell down and got up stronger than ever. Kalon of all those who left their essence in our lives who are no more than a sweet susurrus of a wind that blows your hair in the sunny afternoon. Kalopsia for all the kind gestures we ever thought was all we could ever have in that moment of time.

Constant sciamachy from the hopelessness of being hopeful as every night the darkness gives in to the morning sunshine proving the “ikigai” for every creature in the universe.

Elysian into a forest of dreams we all sew……to make them true.

As I was drenched in my thoughts during dormiveglia …..I heard the sexy automated voice on the bus announcing the next station.

I was almost there it was time for most of us to wake up and compartmentalize again for the day ahead.


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