While learning about talking techniques on how to unpack information asked in a strategic way so that you are not lost in the prolix words and lingering sentences, a thought struck my mind. No matter how much we dread it or like it but “small talk” is an essential skill that takes us through our

Tuesday 8:45 Am I entered the gym all set for my morning workout. As the day of going “Back to school” arrived, I am sure every mom was looking forward to getting back to her own morning rituals after kids are gone. And yes I was dying to do my morning workout. So where was

Months before we are even born… There are people trying to be protective While we are still warm in the womb Home is “child proofed” to save us from a fall Each milestone means multiplication of safety measures The family, siblings wish us all the best Making a safe surrounding called your “Safety net” We

Save it …   How? pdf or jpg?   How quick is the fix in our real lives? But how about Saving a person… After watching “13 Reasons Why” how many of us have gone down the memory lane to remember that how we survived all this at some point in our life too! Hats

“Don’t be so emotional…. Stop being a girl”. “You got to hold it strong don’t be emotional!!!” “What are you an emotional teenager?” “Weird & emotional as always …yeah that’s you” “When will you think rational and not being emotional!”   I bet everyone has heard these once or more in their lives. Whenever I

We all have heard that an opportunity is never lost but taken by someone else. These people in the dictionary are called “Opportunists”. They just know what they want. Other people’s margin is their opportunity. Having a spark of their own they exactly know when is the right time to invade the territory where opportunity