#Nofilter when we talk as it’s a #WorldMentalHealthDay!!!

This might be up-close and personal! So, are you ready?

It’s important to know that Its Ok Not To Be Ok sometime!

I have gone through ups and downs in life, good and bad health and losing my really close loved ones and it has changed me inside out. People around me know me as the one who will always be good at keeping it together!

But the truth is none of us is a total one-piece person! We all have our broken and amended pieces built together. There have been days when I have gone through dark days too. There are some days when it gets challenging to do a simple normal task that I wouldn’t give a 2nd thought to in a normal day. Like getting up from a particular point. People who know me know I can’t sit at one place for more than 30 mins or so that too if a task holds me.YES!!! I have my scars too. But that’s nothing I am ashamed of.

Yes, in those dark moments I have felt life coming to an end finding no purpose! But I have come back to life mostly by getting out of my head and picking up my pieces to get it all back together! I don’t talk much about it to many people because I think it’s my own responsibility first to take care of me rather than me depending on others! Because I have to be strong and resilient enough for those who take me as their ROCK!

It works differently for everyone. But trust me if you are willing to find the light in the dark tunnel you will find it!!!

Sometimes you need to get away from all to regain your energy.

Sometimes you need to be there for someone to feel the warmth that you miss in your life! Sometimes it’s just ranting with “Your Person”.

Sometimes you need to cut down those toxic cords that hurt you!

Sometimes you need to be less hard on your own self!

Sometimes you just need to let those tears rolling!

But you have to believe that hope might look like a dim light but it can become a flame one day! So be the flame for those who are going through bad time around you. Just an ear to listen without any critical judgment! Maybe just to assure them you are there because they are insecure!

Let’s rethink how we can just boost someone’s morale by just being present in the moment for them!

Let’s make sure that if someone needs help to walk through those bad patches…. we don’t need to judge them!  We just have to make that smooth for them.

If you or anyone you know is going through mental illness dark days…. asking for help is the bravest thing you can do!

Do not be ashamed!

Sometimes its ok if the only thing you did today was BREATHE!

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