My son is 10 now and tries to do everything on his own. This is when I have to empower him with the tasks he can do and make him accountable at the same time that whatever responsibility he takes, he owns it and completes it. But considering his age and how at times what he does might not be as per the benchmarks of completion in my mindset; I give him a margin so that I can help him to do it better on his own. This weekend I have been caught up in cleaning up his room as per my standard and I realized that over a period of time he has become hoarder to things. Things that he might not need but still hold on to that maybe someday they will be of some great use. While he was not around I took the opportunity to clear the clutter of empty boxes and long due coupons knowing it’s of no use. His room was clean enough now. Going through his room I called him a hoarder and gave him a talk on how important it is to live a clutter-free life and every now and then we need to give up on small and big things that are of no use. Having an abundance of stuff wouldn’t make the stuff useful anytime.

Coming back to my own shell I realized that aren’t we all hoarders in some way.

We hoard onto the little memories of everything we owned once in material and emotional terms.

We hoard onto the grudges & hatreds that were never solved but kept growing like mountains within us making a part of us into icebergs.

We hoard onto the defeats more than the successes that make us insecure for the future ahead.

We hoard onto the unseen offers in the future to live our dreams not knowing that it mutes the ambient roars within us over years.

We hoard on to the times that we might have acted prudent enough and not let the alter ego rule.

We hoard onto all the ubiquitous signs ignoring the rare omens that could guide our path to different destinations.

We hoard to the chances and roads not taken and not able to see the flip side of the coin.

We ignore to hear the euphony of praises as we hoard the critics within us not letting us trespass our own set boundaries for success ahead.

We hoard the betrayals of people we trusted once becoming blind to see some of those who are loyal and care about us,

From letters to emails as we have become digital maniac over decades. We have our digital clutter in our inboxes, Google drives, clouds and phones backups… backups and we live in that.

To surmise it was the time that as an adult; I had to stop hoarding the stuff that never mattered or wouldn’t matter down the lane.




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