In the last week, I came across the idea that how important it is in the work environment to use the drizzle effect. Once you are employed by a new company don’t give in your all, don’t put all your cards on the table, don’t outperform in initial days, just give your best in a way you dab. Do something new every day for the efficiency of task performance and show your tricks (your competent thoughts and skills) one by one, sprinkle them.

Unveil your full potential in terms of drizzling your skills so that your employer sticks to you, finds you commendable and knows you always have some trick up your sleeve to outperform and show. It’s like not impressing in one minute but dribbling your charm every day. Professional worth needs to be shown and proven but in a hide and seek pattern so you keep playing with the employer not giving him full control over your prospective proficiencies.

The paranoid part of my brain wonders whether this is all a scheming deception that we do to keep people in a way thinking what’s coming their way and making them expect for more. But isn’t it the case in our life or our relations?

We give in all at one point in time to dazzle a particular person. This puts them on a pedestal where they see you(unconsciously) one step down to you and start taking you for granted. Once all your personality trait cards are out you have lost your game already. The more you have given the less you are wanted as a natural phenomenon. As the universally applicable law of diminishing marginal utility kicks in our life, relations and desires things lose their worth.

Like an employer your loved ones, friends should never get complete “YOU” at once. Dab their soul with your passion but don’t throw it on them in terms bucket of water to soothe them. Keep the sides of you to show when they really need it.

Encompass your professional and personal WORTH!

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